PUBG's New Tequila Sunrise Mode Is Live Now



PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds' latest Event Mode has begun--and this one is going to get messy. Tequila Sunrise pits players against each other in close quarter combat with shotguns and melee weapons as the weapons of choice.

The mode pits four-man squads against each other on the Miramar map, and begins April 5 at 7 PM PT / 10 PM ET (3 AM BST on April 6). It will be active for 72 hours until the same time on April 8 (or April 9 in some regions). There are also some twists when it comes to safe zones that should keep things interesting. Here's what PUBG Corp. has shared about it:

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Loot Spawn Details

  • Weapons
    • Shotguns (3x spawn rate)
    • Melee Weapons (3x spawn rate)
    • No other weapons
  • Items
    • Bag/Helmet/Armor Lv.3 (3x spawn rate)
    • Bag/Helmet/Armor Lv.1 (0.5x spawn rate)
    • Ammunition (3x spawn rate)

Safe Zone (White Circle) Behavior

  • Immediately after the plane gets in the air, the first safe zone is visible on the map.
  • The first safe zone will be smaller than its normal size.

Other Event Rules

  • Time of day is locked at sunrise.
  • Care packages are disabled.

In other PUBG news, a new patch has just been released for the game, bringing with it bug fixes and the new Killer Spectate mode that allows you to watch the player who killed you during the rest of the match. If your killer dies too, you'll be able to continue watching the player who killed them. Meanwhile, PUBG's upcoming map, currently in the testing phase, now supports players who want to play as Squads on Codename: Savage on the game's experimental test server. You still need a beta key to access the map, and you can sign up to receive one the PUBG website.

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