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PUBG Xbox One Players Will Get Free Loot Crates Next Month

Free loot!


Today, developer PUBG Corp. revealed that PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds has passed 4 million players on Xbox One. To celebrate the milestone, the studio is giving away a whole bunch of in-game currency to Xbox players for use on loot crates.

Specifically, Xbox One players will receive 30,000 Battle Points to use on in-game cosmetic items. However, you must have purchased the game and created a character by 12 AM PT / 3 AM ET / 8 AM UTC on January 31 in order to get the bonus. The points will appear on February 1.

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30,000 points actually works out to a good number of loot crates, but you can get more out of the bonus if you spread the money out over several weeks. PUBG's crates get progressively more expensive the more you buy in a week; you can buy a max of 6 crates per week, the cheapest being 700 points and the most expensive being 7000. Buying 6 in a week would cost you 21,700, meaning that you could purchase about 9 crates if you spent the money as fast as possible. But if you spread it out and bought one per week, that 30,000 could get you 42 boxes--of course, that'd take you 42 weeks to do.

In other news, PUBG recently received a new update on Xbox One that aims to fix bugs and improve controls. It got an auto-run option, an easier way to drop weapons, and more. PUBG remains in the Game Preview program on Xbox One, and there's still no word on when features like the desert map will arrive in the console version.

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