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PUBG Xbox One Exact Release Timing Revealed, Controller Setup Detailed



Following its release for PC back in March, PUBG is launching very soon on Xbox One. It debuts on Microsoft's console on December 12, and now the company has confirmed precisely when you will be able to start playing depending when you live.

In a blog post, Major Nelson also pointed out that players in New Zealand and Australia might have a hard time finding matches early on, but this should improve as the game rolls out more widely around the world with new servers coming online. You can see the global release schedule below, as shared on Major Nelson's blog.

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Microsoft also has revealed some key details on the control setup for PUBG on console. In an Xbox Wire post, Microsoft revealed that it worked with the Xbox Advanced Technology Group and Gears of War developer The Coalition on a setup that will provide "enough flexibility to survive in the hostile battleground and to effectively manage in-game equipment on the fly." You can click through the images in the gallery below to see the game's control setups to help you hit the ground running. Unfortunately, the blog post made no mention of the ability to re-map the controls.

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PUBG launches on Xbox One through the Game Preview program. As such, the game is not finished and could have bugs, glitches, and other oddities, so people should be aware of that before buying it. Ahead its release, Xbox One players can already purchase some exclusive items for their characters now.

In other news, PUBG's new desert map, Miramar, was shown off during The Game Awards. Unlike the current map, the lush Erangel, Miramar encompasses industrial areas, beach towns, arid desert land, and more, which the developers say will dramatically change how players approach the survival game.

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