PUBG Video Tests If Real Guns Can Shoot Through A Frying Pan

Frying pans protect your butt in Battlegrounds, but in real life? Well...


In the massively popular PC shooter Playerunknown's Battlegrounds, household frying pans can save your butt--literally. The pans stop bullets. But would this happen in real life? The YouTube channel Logical Increments put this to the test in a cool new video.

In the video below, the host fires pistols like the P1911 and P92, as well as the Kar98k rifle, which are versions of guns from Battlegrounds. He fires them at a cast iron frying pan, with a watermelon placed behind it to see what would happen. We won't spoil all the results for you, but you can probably imagine that PUBG the game is not exactly necessarily accurate to what might happen in real life.

Overall, PUBG has sold more than 8 million copies since launch. An Xbox One version is on the way that will be published by Microsoft, although it sounds as if that deal won't preclude a PS4 release in the future. Updates for the PC version continue to roll out--we recently got a look at a new desert map--although they may slow down in order to ensure high quality.

In other news, PUBG recently crossed 877,000 concurrent users on Steam. That's a new record for the game, and it was higher than Dota 2's figures, but still short of Dota 2's all-time record of more than 1 million concurrent players.

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