PUBG Update 6.2 Patch Notes: Team Deathmatch And More

Team Deathmatch will go live with update 6.2 on PC and consoles.


Team Deathmatch is coming to PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds with update 6.2 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. The Classic multiplayer mode is part of a new Arcade feature that takes PUBG's gunplay and introduces it to new game types other than the usual battle royale mode. [Update: Update 6.2 is now live on PC.]

Team Deathmatch will see 8v8 fights added to the mix, with firefights taking place across seven different battlefields pulled from four of PUBG's current maps. Each one aims to provide a different Team Deathmatch experience, whether that encompasses long-range shootouts, close-quarters combat, or something else entirely.

While the usual PUBG play session involves scavenging for firearms, bullets, and so on, Team Deathmatch introduces Spawn Kits that give you different sets of equipment and weapons to choose from as a loadout. There are eight to pick from, revolving around guns like the DMR, SMG, and shotgun. You can also change your Spawn Kit during games and have the changes reflected when you respawn, just in case something isn't working or you need a new strategy.

This is, of course, all fairly standard fare for a Team Deathmatch mode, so PUBG isn't skirting on the details, introducing a fully-fledged alternative to its usual battle royale action. It's a smart way to get players straight into the meat of the action, and should prove beneficial for new players who want to fine-tune their shooting before jumping into PUBG's main draw.

Full Team Deathmatch patch notes for update 6.2:

Rules of Team Deathmatch

  • 8 vs 8
  • FPP only
  • Spawn Kits enabled
    • Open the map to select your weapon Spawn Kit
  • Respawns enabled
    • Respawn 5 seconds after each death
    • Players respawn close to friendly players if the location is safe
    • Players will be briefly invulnerable after respawning
  • DBNO disabled
    • No knockdowns
  • Friendly Fire disabled
  • Kills and assists fill your boost gauge
    • After not taking damage for 5 seconds, your health will begin to regenerate, whilst also depleting your boost gauge
  • Players cannot reconnect to TDM matches.
    • Unfortunately, this includes accidentally leaving the match or crashing

Win Conditions

  • First team to reach 50 kills, or the highest kills after 10 minutes wins the round
  • 2 round wins secures the match victory


  • BP will be rewarded based on your individual score
  • No Survivor Pass XP is received

Players may be placed into in-progress TDM matches, but won't be placed into matches which are nearing completion. AFK players will be removed from the match after prolonged inactivity.

The Battlefields of Team Deathmatch

Team Deathmatch features 7 different battlefields pulled from 4 of your favorite PUBG maps.

Each battlefield was chosen to provide a different TDM experience. For example, Podvosto from Vikendi features long-range combat over a bridge, while the Docks of Sanhok battlefield features close-quarters combat around containers. TDM will also support each battlefield's variable weather conditions, so be ready to change up your Spawn Kit to adjust to the map.

List of TDM battlefields:

Erangel – Stalber, Sosnovka Military Base

Sanhok – Paradise Resort, Docks

Vikendi – Podvosto, Peshkova

Miramar – Campo Militar


In Team Deathmatch, players who are killed will respawn at a respawn point based on their team's current situation. Players will respawn close to friendlies and far from enemies when possible. For example, when your team has occupied an advantageous area, teammates can respawn close to this area's perimeter. Be aware that players won't respawn when the location is considered contested due to enemies in range! In this case, they will be safely respawned closer to their starting zone. All players will spawn invincible for a brief time to help reduce spawn camping.


The scoreboard in Team Deathmatch tracks more than just total team points. You can check the stats of everyone in the match, including player kills, assists, and even multi-kills. You earn points for winning rounds and the more points you earn, the more BP you are rewarded.

Players can also earn assists by being the highest contributor to an opponent's damage after the player who completes the kill.

TDM Boost Gauge

The TDM Boost Gauge fills by scoring kills and assists during the match and begins to restore your health after you haven’t received damage for 5 seconds.

The Boost Gauge in TDM works differently than in a normal Battle Royale match. When you spawn, your gauge will be 50% full and will not decrease until you've taken damage. In TDM, this gauge both heals and depletes much faster and can only be filled by scoring kills (+50%) and assists (+20%). If 5 seconds have passed since you took damage, your Boost Gauge will begin to deplete by 10% per second, replenishing 10% of max health each tick until full. The Boost Gauge in TDM will not grant any movement speed increases.

Spawn Kit

Spawn Kits are sets of equipment and weapons you choose as your loadout. Players will be able to see their current Spawn Kit and the scoreboard by toggling the map while in-game. If you change your Spawn Kit on this screen, it will apply the next time you respawn or at the start of the next round. There are currently 8 different types of Spawn Kits to choose from: 2 AR kits, 2 DMR kits, 2 SR kits, 1 SMG kit, and 1 Shotgun kit. You can select any kit you like, just make sure you're choosing the right kit for the current situation.

This is just the beginning for Arcade. We'll be adding new battlefields for Team Deathmatch and will be watching your feedback closely for other ways to improve it. Moreover, we're planning to add new and familiar game modes to Arcade, blending PUBG's unique gameplay into thrilling new experiences.

Have something you'd like to see make its way to Arcade? Send us your ideas! Your feedback drove the addition of Arcade and we'd love to hear what else you'd like to see.

For now, spawn onto a battlefield and get your frag on!

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