PUBG Update 11.1 Now Live On Xbox And PlayStation: Revised Paramo Map, New Ranked System

The big Season 11 update for PUBG, now live on Xbox and PlayStation platforms, brings back the Paramo map and introduces a new emergency escape tool.


PUBG has been updated to version 11.1, which brings back a fan-favorite map, introduces an emergency pickup tool, and makes changes to the ranked reward structure. The patch is now available on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation 5, in addition to the earlier PC release.

This season reintroduces the Paramo map, a 3x3 map set in the South American highlands. This revised iteration of Paramo has more field cover and a dynamic world system that modifies major landmarks. You can also use a new Emergency Pickup item, which you can deploy to signal an airplane to pick you up within 60 seconds. The item is conspicuous and heavy and will attract enemy attention, but you can use it strategically for emergency situations or for an escape behind enemy territory.

Starting with this PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds season, ranked seasons will last two months. That also means they won't be exactly parallel with Survivor Passes, and so the new rewards structure has been shifted to accommodate this change. The spawn rates for weapons this season have also been changed to imitate the PUBG esports mode.

Additionally, this season implements updates to the Mastery Medal system. There are 10 new medals you can earn across Normal and Ranked matches, but they won't be available in Arcade, Lab, or Custom matches. And you can show off those new medals as part of your revised PUBG ID, which can be found in the Customization tab.

This update went live on PC on March 31, and was scheduled to arrive on consoles today. Meanwhile, PUBG Mobile is reportedly making over $7 million per day. Inversely, PUBG Lite will be shut down at the end of the month.

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