PUBG Tips: What You Need To Know About The New Desert Map, Miramar

Vaulting is a big deal.

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PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds is now officially out on PC. With the 1.0 release comes a new desert map called Miramar, which was recently available to try out on the PUBG test servers. In the video above, we outline the new guns, vehicles, mechanics, and more that Miramar brings to the game, and how to best take advantage of the additions to get the coveted chicken dinner.

Miramar adds three new vehicles that aren't available on the island map: the minibus, the pickup truck, and the jetski. You'll probably use the pickup truck the most, as it's the most reliable vehicle on the map, and the jetski least, since there aren't any rivers running through Miramar. The bus is useful for squad games and provides a lot of cover, but it's painfully slow.

Of the new weapons, the sawed-off shotgun is the most exciting. It takes the spot of a sidearm rather than a primary weapon, meaning you can pack the power of a shotgun without sacrificing an assault rifle slot. The map also adds the R45, a .45 revolver that comes with a speed loader and is useful in a pinch at medium range. Finally, you can safely ignore the new Win94 rifle--it is incompatible with most weapon attachments and is horribly slow to reload.

The release of Miramar also marks the addition of vaulting to PUBG, which not only makes your life easier, but allows you to vault through windows. That allows you to quickly escape a building when you're pinned down or get the drop on an unsuspecting opponent.

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds first hit Early Access nine months ago, and has become a major success since then. For details on everything new and improved in PUBG's 1.0 PC launch, you can read the full patch notes.

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