PUBG Season 11 Brings Back Paramo Map, Adds Ranked Adjustments, New Medals

In the next season of PUBG, the popular Paramo map is coming back with a few key differences, along with several quality-of-life changes.


PUBG's Season 11 will bring back the popular Paramo map along with ranked changes and other tweaks, Krafton Inc. has announced. The new season begins on March 31 on PC and April 8 on consoles.

Paramo is a 3x3 map set in the South American highlands with terrain changes throughout the area. It's revised version will include more field cover, a dynamic world system that modifies elements like major landmarks, and more frequent item spawn rates for the Secret Room and Care Package helicopter. You'll also be able to create custom games within the Paramo map.

Season 11 will also make changes to Ranked. Starting with the new season, Ranked Seasons will run for two months, so they'll no longer be parallel with the Survivor Passes. That means changes will come to pass rewards as well to match the new cadence. Plus, spawn rates across all weapons will be increased in all maps to match those seen in esports mode.

A new transport tool will also be added, letting survivors pick up squads to quickly move to another safe zone. The Emergency Pickup item will let you deploy a balloon which will prompt an airplane to arrive within 60 seconds to pick up any survivors. That plane will airlift you to the center of the white zone, or whenever you decide to drop out. The new tool is heavy and only available as a lootable item in Erangel, Miramar, Sanhok, and Vikendi.

Season 11 will introduce new Mastery Medals to track your in-game accomplishments. There will be 10 new medals to collect through various accomplishments, like the "So Close" medal for almost surviving. You can earn Mastery Medals in Normal and Ranked matches, but not Arcade, Lab, or Custom matches. You'll also be able to show off your earned medals in a revamped PUBG ID, which has more personalization options.

You can view the full patch report video above for more details.

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