PUBG Publisher Announces New Game, And It's Very Different

Ascent: Infinite Realm is a steampunk MMORPG.


After basically conquering the world with PUBG, what's next for the game's publisher, Bluehole Studios? Something completely different. The Korean company today announced Ascent: Infinite Realm, a steampunk MMORPG. The game is being made by Kakao Games (Tera) and is published by Bluehole.

Infinite Air is described by Bluehole as a "groundbreaking" MMO, with a setting that mixes steampunk and high-fantasy. There are five classes, including Warlord, Sorceress, Gunslinger, Assassin, and Mystic. Each has two subclasses that will be revealed at a later date. The reveal trailer is pretty slick, showing off a range of colorful and otherwordly environments, along with a giant crocodile-like creature.

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A beta for Infinite Air is being planned to launch in the first half of 2018. You can sign up to learn more about the game on its website right here.

To clear up any potential confusion, PUBG is developed by PUBG Corp. That is a recently created subsidiary that will handle development of PUBG going forward. It looks like PUBG creator Brendan Greene has no involvement in Infinite Realm.

As for PUBG, the game recently crossed an astonishing 20 million copies sold in its unfinished, Early Access state on PC. The game launches on Xbox One in December.

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