PUBG On Xbox One Seemingly Runs On PC's "Very Low" Graphics Settings

PUBG's early access Xbox One version has been the subject of criticism.

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PUBG is out now on Xbox One. While the port remains, for now, in early access, some fans have complained that the console version doesn't perform as well as the game's native PC edition, while others have simply been experimenting. If you plug a USB keyboard into the Xbox One version of the game, you'll find you can play the game using WASD controls and even access the same graphics settings menu as seen in the PC edition.

Simply press 'O' and the graphics menu will appear. At this point, it becomes apparent that the Xbox One version appears to be running on the PC version's "very low" settings, which may explain the issues some players have experienced. Resetera user JumPeR later discovered the Xbox One X version looks to be running at the equivalent of the PC edition's "medium" settings.

Plugging a keyboard in also allows you to move around using WASD controls, but full keyboard and mouse support seems to be absent--our mouse didn't work when we attempted to use it with the Xbox One version.

If you decide to jump into the game on Xbox One, be sure to check out our Beginner's Guide for getting started in PUBG. It's a complicated game, and it'll help you a lot to know some tips and tricks before you even start playing. In other news, if you're playing on PC, the game is expected to leave Steam Early Access later this month.

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