PUBG New State Teasers Reveal A Weapon Customization System And More

Same ol' battle royale, but with new locations and fancier getaways.


PUBG Mobile's futuristic cousin, PUBG New State, received a new trailer and two new videos--Field Trip To Troi episode one and two--that introduced the game's maps and other features.

The first teaser video explained PUBG New State's setting: The futuristic and run-down Troi. It's an 8x8 map, and so far, is the only map size available in New State. The video touched on four different Troi locations, including the exhibit hall, the mall, the laboratory, and the trailer park.

The exhibit hall is located at the center of Troi and has a wide open center. There's plenty of verticality, though, for players to experiment with positioning and sniping. The mall also has an open space, the roof, and lower levels that have stores with different disadvantages and advantages. Some areas include bulletproof glass and functional escalators--the hallmark of department stores--that can provide extra challenges.

The laboratory is a more enclosed area with four levels of tight spaces to navigate. The central area is protected by bulletproof glass, so players within it are safe unless they're attacked by others entering. The trailer park allows for more parkour-esque movement, with plenty of climbing, leaping, and hiding options. There's also a ramp that players can take off on to escape the trailer park area.

In the second Field Trip To Troi episode, the devs introduced the new vehicles and explained the weapon customization system--a feature that PUBG Mobile does not currently have. In addition to the vehicles in PUBG Mobile, New State will also get the Volta, the Vulture, and the Tram.

The Volta is an electric car with a stealthier engine, but players will still be able to hear it approach at close range. Its boost, however, will consume a large amount of battery, and driving it through the magnetic blue zone will also drain its energy.

The Vulture is a motorcycle that accelerates slowly but has a high max speed. The drawback to the Vulture is the amount of gas needed to achieve top speeds. The tram--a mode of transportation not in PUBG Mobile--puts a twist on things by being impenetrable. It's protected by bulletproof glass, but players in it can be ambushed at the exit.

New State will also include a drone shop. Players can pick up drone credits while exploring the map and can exchange the credits for medication, ammunition, and new items. Purchases will be delivered by a pretty noticeable drone with a trail of blue smoke plumes, so players need to be careful when picking up their ordered items.

For the weapon customization system, players can customize any weapon through toolboxes scattered around the map. The video gave two examples: a player could turn their single-fire weapon to one with multiple rounds, or they could give their gun more range. The customization system will be consistently updated and cycled through release.

Pre-registration for New State is available now for Android. PUBG New State iOS pre-registration will be available in August. A release date for New State has not yet been announced.

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