PUBG Mobile Version 2.0 Update Will Add Highly Requested Enhanced Livik Map

After two years of testing, the updated version of Livik is on the way.


PUBG Mobile's fourth anniversary celebration Step 4ward is ongoing, with a new video confirming an update on the way that players have requested for years: An enhanced version of the Livik map is coming in the Version 2.0 update scheduled for May.

The new Livik map--a recreation of the original 2x2 arena known for faster matches--will include four brand-new areas scattered throughout it. The new locations include:

  • Midtstein - An urban area lined with streets and tight alleyways made for quick close-quarter skirmishes.

  • Blomster - An area split into multiple smaller sections thanks to long and wide roads, Blomster now hosts a soccer field among its other locales.

  • Logistic Center - Formerly the Lumber Yard, the Logistic Center is a large area with a lot of cover for players who like to hunker down.

  • Iceborg - A cold and snowy area with very limited buildings, a tall church among them

The Livik map is getting an overhaul in Version 2.0.
The Livik map is getting an overhaul in Version 2.0.

The Version 2.0 update will also be adding an Emergency Pickup system to the Erangel and Miramar maps, allowing players a single-use "get out of the storm free" card that transports them to the center of the circle, as well as an Arena version of the Sanhok map.

Finally, the video ended by teasing some future PUBG mobile collaborations, including Korean pop group Blackpink, the Great British Teddy Bear Company, and the critically acclaimed anime Evangelion.

If you're planning on dropping into PUBG Mobile for the first time during the Step 4ward celebration, here's a look at every map currently available in-game as well as what's in the current Version 1.9 patch to get you started.

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