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PUBG Mobile Plays Surprisingly Well, Watch The Game In Action

It's out now on iOS and Android for free.


Following some tests in select marks, PUBG Corp. and Tencent have made a surprise announcement by suddenly releasing PUBG Mobile in the United States and other regions around the world. It had previously been available in Canada, but it's now seeing a much wider release--and it runs quite well.

Not only is it out on iOS and Android, it's available for free, unlike the PC and Xbox One versions. It comes not long after the launch of an invite-only test for Fortnite Mobile, which is currently only playable on iOS. The official PUBG Twitter account seemingly took a shot at Fortnite--or at least the many PUBG clones that are out there--in an announcement tweet, stating, "The true Battle Royale experience is now on your phone."

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Now Playing: PUBG Mobile iPhoneX Gameplay Live

If you're eager to get a look at what it's like, you can check out our video of the game above. You'll see it running on an iPhone X, although a wide range of hardware is supported across iOS and Android. The game has a number of graphics settings that allow it to scale to different hardware.

This is an in-development version--the developers say it will continue to improve--but it feels like a surprisingly complete version of the existing game. As with Fortnite Mobile, the controls are somewhat of a challenge, but again we see some minor changes that have been made to better fit the platform.

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