PUBG Mobile Is Delivering A Sweet New Update For Valentine's Day

Whether you want to crush your foes in power armor, or confess your love, PUBG Mobile's 1.2 update has you covered.


Fans of Player Unknown's Battlegrounds Mobile have an exciting month ahead of them with the game's latest 1.2 patch. Players can experience a new quick-play game mode and a special Valentine's Day theme to feel the love this month.

If you like power armor, you're in luck. The new EvoGround gameplay mode is Power Armor Mode, and as the name implies, it's bringing power armor to Livik with extra abilities. Players will be able to forge their own suit of power armor by bringing an Armor Blueprint and Nano Crystals to the Matrix base.

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There are three pieces of power armor players can create: Power Armor Chest, Power Armor Arms, and Power Armor Legs. Their names are pretty self-explanatory, but each provides a different bonus. The Power Armor Chest reduces chest damage and increases your backpack capacity, the Power Armor Arms reduce arm damage and increases melee damage, and the Power Armor Legs reduce leg damage, decrease fall damage, and grant the ability to sprint. If you assemble the full set, you'll unlock its ultimate weapon: The Dragon's Breath grenade.

Other changes are coming with the update as well. Players will now have two respawn chances, giving them the ability to either respawn with basic equipment, or have a teammate respawn at one of the research stations. There's also a new Matrix event that offers improved regional supply output, multiple airdrops, and Life Detectors in research stations.

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To celebrate Valentine's Day, a new theme will also be hitting the game. It's called the Dream Team Theme and will be available from February 9-March 7. When the theme is available, a pier leading to Cheer Park Island--home of a giant heart-bearing bunny doll--will appear. Players will be able to trigger Confession Balloons here, balloons that will float into the air and display the name of your beloved for all to see.

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