PUBG Mobile Celebrates 2.0 Update With New Map And Neon Genesis Evangelion Content

PUBG Mobile players will be able to explore the new map, Livik, tomorrow and interact with the terrifying Angels from Neon Genesis Evangelion in an upcoming event.


PUBG Mobile, the mobile spin-off of the popular battle royale, launches its 2.0 update today which means a new map, new mechanics, new items, and an unexpected partnership with the anime Neon Genesis Evangelion are all in its short-term future.

Livik is the new map, which seems to represent a more colorful, playful side of PUBG. The map will also include a new vehicle, the four-seater Utility Task Vehicle, which has also been added to the previous map, Aftermath.

Livik is the name of the new PUBG Mobile map.
Livik is the name of the new PUBG Mobile map.

Regarding new mechanics, a "golden resource-rich area" will now spawn at the beginning of each match and there is also a soccer field and special crates that can be tracked down using treasure maps.

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PUBG Mobile 2.0 launches today, but the map will be available tomorrow, May 11. The new season officially begins on May 19, which will add all kinds of new items to the game.

Get in the robot, Shinji
Get in the robot, Shinji

Arguably the most interesting and unexpected part of this 2.0 celebration is the announcement that PUBG Mobile will have a Neon Genesis Evangelion event where the angels from the anime will be added to the map. It's unclear when this event will begin, but the 2.0 preview trailer (embedded above) shows Shinji's Evangelion Unit-01 walking around while a player tries to shoot it. Understanding the context of the source material, that really feels like a fool's errand.

Neon Genesis Evangelion isn't the only intellectual property about terrifying creatures that threaten the existence of humanity on a global scale that has partnered with PUBG Mobile. You can also unlock Baby Shark items.

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