PUBG Mobile Bots May Be Why You Keep Winning

PUBG Mobile is out, and a lot of people are claiming their first chicken dinner.

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PUBG Corp. and Tencent surprised everyone when they decided to suddenly release PUBG Mobile in the US and other regions this week. After being beaten to consoles by the free-to-play Fortnite: Battle Royale, it looked as if Fortnite would again be the first of the two big-name games to hit mobile in the West when an iOS test began recently. Instead, PUBG has beaten Fortnite to the punch, as the former is now available free on iOS and Android. If you've already been playing, however, you might want to temper your excitement over any wins you picked up in the early going.

When you first open the game, you're presented with the option to take part in a tutorial, or you can just jump straight into a match (in Squad mode, by default). From there, things basically play out like PUBG on PC and Xbox One: you wait in the lobby, parachute out of a plane onto the island, and try to survive. What's seemingly different is everyone's success rate--the game's subreddit has been flooded with posts from people who have never won on other platforms yet managed to rack up a chicken dinner in their first game on mobile.

The quick assumption is that these are players who understand PUBG's mechanics and have a leg up on new players, or that the less precise touch controls have flattened the skill curve, giving everyone a better chance to take out other players. Yet it appears what's causing this is instead the presence of bots, which apparently fill in matches and serve to ease players into the experience. It's a clever way to ease people into what can be a difficult game, but it also means the bloated egos of those who claimed victory in their first match are looking a little silly now (ahem).

Whatever the competition might be, PUBG works surprisingly well on mobile, although the controls can be a challenge. The game scales its visuals to one of several settings depending on what device you're using to play, and some changes have been made. For instance, there is an auto pick-up option that eases the amount of inventory management you have to do. There are also daily login bonuses to keep players coming back, as is typical for a mobile game. If you haven't already downloaded it, you can grab it from the iOS App Store or Google Play.

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Avatar image for javalino

Plays great on a emulator !!! Sorry touch users !!! i gonna rip you hearts !!

Avatar image for RaveNRolla

uh, i hate gaming on a phone. pvz is a fun game, but when are you even gonna play if you don't have to use busses or trains? i mean it would have to be a really fantastic game if you're sitting on your couch with your phone instead of turning on your console/pc and big screen.

Avatar image for BabeNewelll

Touch screen garbage

Avatar image for jayrealmedianow

This is a surprise feature for many but it does make sense with so many newbies playing the game. However, I'm sure the bots will be removed soon otherwise many players may be put off the game.


Real Media Now Ltd

Avatar image for cmc5790

Doesn't matter, a win is a win...

Avatar image for Pyrosa


I mean, straight-up guffaws over here...


Avatar image for Pyrosa

@Pyrosa: So I installed it immediately to see if it's true... OMG, it's so laughably bad. Not even trying, I got 2nd place and only missed dinner due to the controls getting stuck sprinting into a corner.

It's pretty bad. Basically a fake MP game at this point. Named bots just stand there shooting slowly at you.

Also, there's no Invert Y axis.

Avatar image for LethalBurst

@Pyrosa: The bots are there to ease people into the mobile gameplay. The more matches you play, the less bots and the more human players there are.

Avatar image for md3blue

I cant find it on app store

Avatar image for tonyleo01

@md3blue: type in PUBG mobile in AppStore. Took me a while to find it, but it's there.

Avatar image for alexofburg

Played one game, got 8 kills and a chicken dinner on solo. This article won't take that away from me. I retired as a King of Kings and wont play on it anymore

Avatar image for rupanka801

Is it the exact same game on the mobile?

Avatar image for alexofburg

@rupanka801: its a gimped pc version

Avatar image for Greyfox-101

@alexofburg: If by gimped you mean better than the Xbox version.

Seriously, sure the game itself never looked good, and looks even rougher on mobile, but the performance is rock solid which I can't say about the Xbox version somehow.

There's less environmental props and whatnot inside, but I'd rather take that over having it crammed so full that nothing loads on time and you get 20fps if you're lucky during firefights

Avatar image for alexofburg

@Greyfox-101: its a gimped pc version

Avatar image for Pyrosa

@alexofburg: Inventory is definitely better than on XoX, and almost as good as PC.

Avatar image for blaster56745

somehow runs better on a phone than a console

Avatar image for Pyrosa

@blaster56745: Not even close. Everything is so sparse on mobile, even on High settings.

It looks like a mobile game. i.e. "it's surprising they even got that much in there, and it's cool that it controls this well compared to similar games.

Having 2 fire buttons and ADS toggle is indeed excellent.

Avatar image for Greyfox-101

@Pyrosa: It objectively does run better on phones. It's sparse and has worse textures, but pure performance is significantly better. Also, there appears to be a lot more clothing, nice auto-pickup feature, and the game doesn't seem to crash every 2 or 3 games like it does on the Xbox and everything loads in on time.

Avatar image for byno_shadow

@Greyfox-101: Yeah, it's way better than on console. Controller support and maybe a Switch version middle ground and I'm happy