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PUBG Is Closing In On 2 Million Concurrent Players

That's up from 1 million less than a month ago.


At first it was seemingly unthinkable that Playerunknown's Battlegrounds would surpass Dota 2 and reach 1 million peak concurrent users on Steam. Well, the game has done that and it's not slowing down, it seems. The Hunger Games-style multiplayer game is closing in on 2 million peak concurrent users. The latest publicly available Steam data (via Kotaku) shows that the game had 1.96 million peak concurrent users today.

Steam data also shows that the service had 16.3 million concurrent users today, which means around 12 percent of the peak concurrent Steam users today played PUBG. Check out the chart below to get an idea about the margin by which PUBG is smoking every other game when it comes to peak concurrent users.

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PUBG crossed 1 million peak concurrent users on Steam less than a month ago. So we can only imagine where the game will stand at this point next month. Playerunknown himself, Brendan Greene, has said he thinks the game could reach 100 million players.

PUBG launched on Steam Early Access in March this year. It has since exploded in popularity, selling 13 million copies by the latest count. It sells for $30, a price that developer Bluehole does not plan to increase for the game's official launch.

Only available now on PC, PUBG is scheduled to launch for Xbox One later this year. Microsoft is publishing the game, and the company might be interested in extending its exclusivity deal with Bluehole, though this is not confirmed. PUBG could come to PlayStation 4 later, though no announcements have been made.

Additionally, Bluehole has caught the attention of Epic Games, which has threatened the studio about the game over claims of its similarities to Fornite: Battle Royale. For more on the subject, check out GameSpot's video feature here that looks into the legalities of the situation.

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