PUBG Horror Game The Callisto Protocol Is In The "Finish And Polish" Stage

Striking Distance boss Glen Schofield gives an update and shares a behind-the-scenes photo from the upcoming survival horror game.


Glen Schofield, a games industry veteran who now heads up the studio behind the PUBG universe game The Callisto Protocol, has given an update on the upcoming horror game.

Posting on Twitter, Schofield shared an image from a motion-capture studio where actors are putting in "all the hard work" to bring the game's characters to life. Schofield said this is his favorite stage of game development, when the design "starts coming together."

Schofield also teased that the game might be closer to release than some might have guessed, saying the developers at Striking Distance Studios are now in the "finish and polish" stage. "We'll have more to share soon," Schofield teased.

Schofield never mentioned the project by name, but he's seemingly talking about Striking Distance's only announced game, The Callisto Protocol. It is a single-player, story-driven survival horror game set on Jupiter's moon, Callisto, in a prison colony.

Geoff Keighley, who runs Summer Game Fest, responded to Schofield's tweet with the looking-eyes emoji, with many connecting the dots and assuming an announcement of some kind might be in store for Keighley's summer show. That remains to be confirmed, but it wouldn't be surprising.

Schofield has not held back in hyping The Callisto Protocol, saying his studio's aim is to make "the single scariest game on PC and consoles." The game is scheduled for release in 2022 on PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X|S.

Schofield is known for his work in co-creating the Dead Space series at EA before joining Activision to work on Call of Duty and then leaving to start his own studio. Another key developer at Striking Distance is Steve Papoutsis, the former bassist for punk rock band No Use For A Name and an EA veteran who worked alongside Schofield on Dead Space.

As for the Dead Space series, it's making a comeback, too, with a Dead Space remake scheduled for 2023.

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