PUBG Getting Some Big Weapon Balance Updates On PC

"Our goal is to make it so no one gun will feel objectively better than the others," PUBG Corp. says.


Developer PUBG Corp. continues to fine tune PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds on PC. On top of the forthcoming map select feature and new Codename: Savage map, the studio is working on an assortment of balance adjustments for weapons and attachments.

While PUBG Corp. didn't outline exactly which weapons will see tweaks and to what extent they'll be changed, it seems the balance adjustments will be wide-reaching. The reason for these changes, PUBG Corp. says, is to further level the playing field and ensure that no specific weapon feels "objectively better" than the others.

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"According to our research, only a few specific types of weapons (ARs) are used in most situations," the developer wrote in a post on Steam. "We believe the choice about which gun to use should be based on personal preference and its effectiveness in any given situation, rather than simply 'which gun is strongest.'"

Alongside the weapon balance tweaks, PUBG Corp. also plans to make changes to weapon attachments. These, likewise, weren't further detailed, although the developer says the goal is ultimately to give players "a wider array of attachment options so you can choose one that best fits your combat situation (rather than any one 'best' attachment)."

Finally, PUBG Corp. says it will also make "some changes" to the level three helmet, which protects players from what would otherwise be a fatal headshot. "We don't want luck alone to determine who gets items like this, so we're removing it from the normal loot spawn tables and limiting it to care packages only," the developer said.

PUBG Corp. hasn't announced when it will introduce these balance changes, but they'll first be rolled out onto the game's test server. Exact changes will be outlined in patch notes when they're ready to be implemented in the live game. PUBG's Codename: Savage map is also still in the process of being tested. The developers recently added new areas to it, with underground caves also on the way.

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