PUBG Developer Addresses Ongoing Issues And What They're Doing About Them

PUBG Corporation addresses concerns players have had over the last few months.


PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds is going strong, recently beginning its sixth season of content and adding a new team deathmatch mode, but there are also ongoing issues with the game that have sparked concerns for some players. The developers have taken to the game's website to discuss some of these issues, and explain what they're doing to improve matters for players.

The post opens with a brief statement on cheaters, and how dealing with them is a high priority. "We’re utilizing multiple internal teams and external resources to find new solutions for this problem. We’ll be sharing more information regarding these efforts in our upcoming Community Letter and 2020 Roadmap post in early March."

One major issue for players has been the game's performance, with FPS stuttering, freezing, and crashing issues making the game harder to compete in. These problems have increased since January, and the team is "conducting ongoing multi-faceted tests and analysis in an attempt to identify and resolve the issues causing this performance loss and causing game crashes."

Because some of these crashes have been hard to reproduce, or may be specific to hardware, it's been difficult. Thankfully, many players have sent in replay data to help the team identify issues. The developers encourage players to share issues they face through the game's support page.

PUBG has also been the victim of multiple distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks, and the team is working on defense solutions for this. "The good news is, our recently developed internal solution has reduced the impact of DDoS attacks by nearly 85%," the post reads. "This is and will remain an ongoing issue, but our dev team will also continue to work on and implement additional measures to mitigate the impact of DDoS attacks when they occur."

The post also acknowledges that some players have had matchmaking issues with Team Deathmatch, but that these have largely been resolved through a hotfix, so players should no longer face long wait times and uneven teams. Custom match presets have also been restored after recent updates broke them for some players.

"We understand there are many other high-priority issues impacting gameplay," the post concludes. "One of our primary goals this year is to be more transparent with what we’re working on, so we wanted to get this letter out to you to address some of the more notable issues we’ve faced recently."

PUBG remains very popular, especially its mobile version.

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