PUBG Dev Donating $2 Million To All These Gaming Charities

The developer of the popular Battle Royale game is giving back.


PUBG is one of the biggest games on the planet right now. No doubt it is pulling in a lot of money from its 30 million players spending money on the game and its microtransactions. In a round of positive news today, PUBG developer PUBG Corp. announced that it's giving a lot of money to video game charities.

PUBG Corp. will give $2 million to charity events coming up this year, including the PUBG Extra Life marathon, along with Gamers Outreach and another campaign to take place this year. The money comes from the sale of PUBG crates that were sold as part of a promotion during Gamescom last summer.

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The Extra Life marathon this year will support the Children's Miracle Network Hospitals from January 29 through February 2; PUBG Corp. is donating $300,000 to this effort. The Gamers Outreach event is a LAN tournament in support of the Gamers for Giving 2018 campaign, and PUBG Corp. will match the donations for this event and the Extra Life marathon. Finally, PUBG Corp. is giving up to $1 million to other charity groups through campaigns to be announced later this year.

This is not PUBG Corp's first charitable effort. Last year, the developer donated $100,000 to the Twitch PUBG Winter Charity Invitational.

"It's been great to see content creators and their audiences using their talents for worthy causes, and PUBG Corp. is committed to supporting charity efforts with the same enthusiasm our players have shown," PUBG community manager Sammie Kang said in a statement. "We've made an impact in the gaming world over the past year, and we're hoping to have even more of an effect on some outstanding charitable organizations in 2018."

After months of Early Access, PUBG launched its 1.0 version on PC in December, with a new map, Miramar, now available as well. The Xbox One edition of PUBG is available through the Game Preview program, meaning it is unfinished and at times buggy and unstable.

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