PUBG Desert Map Shown Off In New Screenshots

Here's another look at the upcoming map.


We've known for some time now that PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds is getting a new desert map, but publisher Bluehole has revealed few details about it. While the studio still hasn't given any indication of when the map will go live, fans have a few new screenshots to look over in the meantime.

PlayerUnknown himself, Brendan Greene, showed off the new screens on Twitter today. "The team at our office in Madison [Wisconsin] have been working hard on our new desert map," the tweet begins. Greene then shares four screenshots of the new stage, noting that these are still "work-in-progress" images. You can take a look at the screenshots below.

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Bluehole first showed off PUBG's desert map back in July. At the time, the publisher said the map was based on Peru and intended it to be smaller than the current playable map, though Greene later revealed that it would be just as big as the original stage. Bluehole also announced a snowy map, though no screenshots of it have been shared yet.

PUBG's desert map still doesn't have a release date; Greene explained the new maps are still a way off from release due to their size and complexity. New mechanics like vaulting and climbing are also on the way. PUBG's release date on Xbox One is set for December 12. We recently got to speak with Greene about PUBG's future and other topics, including vaping.

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