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PUBG Creator Confirms No Single-Player, Wants PC/Xbox One Cross-Play

"We have no resources. We have no time."


During a Reddit AMA earlier this year, PUBG creator Brendan Greene AKA Playerunknown said he wanted to explore the idea of a single-player campaign for the uber-popular game. This led to a lot of headlines. But now, Greene wants players to know that if a single-player campaign does ever happen, it wont be for a very long time.

This came up again at PAX Aus today when Greene said the world of PUBG has lore behind it. Greene told GameSpot that he did write some backstory for PUBG's island, but it was only to give the artists a reference point to make a more believable, authentic environment. It's exciting to think about what this lore might be, and a single-player campaign would seem to be a cool way to explore this. But it's not happening...yet.

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"Because of the lore of the island, there was an idea that I had for what I thought would be a pretty cool single-player [mode]," he said. "And even co-op single-player campaign. We have no resources. We have no time. We have no plans to add anything like this to the game. No, no single-player is coming to Battlegrounds."

It may not be this way forever, though, as Greene said he would like to explore PUBG's lore "maybe some day," though it remains to be seen if that would be through a campaign or something else.

Also in our interview, Greene said he wants to bring cross-play support to PUBG. The game is currently available on PC in Early Access and will come to Xbox One's Game Preview program later this year. "Because the experience is going to be the same on both platforms, we really want these players to play together, " Greene said. "How we do that fairly is another question."

"It's something we're looking into, but right now we don't have anything to say about it. But we would like to see it happen. But how we do that requires a bit of work."

Our interview with Greene covered many other PUBG topics like the upcoming Xbox One edition, responding to player feedback, the game's meteoric rise, how Greene's life has changed as a result of the game's success, and a lot more. Keep checking back with GameSpot for more in the days ahead.

In other news, vaulting and climbing systems are coming to PUBG next week on the game's test servers. According to Greene, these systems, which were not planned from the onset, could "severely" change the game.

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