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PUBG Creator Comments On Xbox One X Version, Wants 4K Textures

The Xbox One X is a "beast," Brendan Greene says.


PUBG is coming to Xbox One in under a month, and now Playerunknown himself has commented on the benefits that people playing on Xbox One X may see. Speaking to GameSpot, Brendan Greene said first and foremost, the Xbox One X edition will offer a "higher graphical fidelity" compared to the standard Xbox One version. He added that he would like to see 4K textures on Xbox One X, but said this is unconfirmed at the moment.

"There will obviously be a higher graphical fidelity," Greene said. "But the experience should be the same. We want to maintain a similar experience across all platforms. There shouldn't be an advantage to buying one console over another."

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Overall, Greene said the Xbox One X is a "beast," adding that the power of the console will allow the game to look as best as it can on console. The Xbox One X is 40 percent more powerful than any other system out there, so this is no surprise.

An unfinished version of PUBG launches for Xbox One on December 12 through the Xbox Game Preview program. There will be three cosmetic packs that you can buy during the preview period, including the Warrior Pack, Accessory Pack, and Tracksuit Pack.

The 1.0 version of PUBG is expected to launch in December on PC. The test servers for 1.0 are apparently available already, and players have data-mined to find new vehicles and more details on the layout of the upcoming desert map. A PlayStation 4 version of PUBG could happen, but no announcements about this have been made as of yet.

Greene also told us about how the huge success of PUBG has not changed his life much, though he does now buy expensive sunglasses and a nice bottle of wine from time to time. For more, including Greene's thoughts on vaping and anime, check out GameSpot's full interview here.

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