PUBG Aiming To Release On "Every Platform" And Become More Than Just A Game

It sounds like PUBG could come to PS4 in addition to Xbox One and PC.

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PUBG was one of the biggest success stories of 2017 and no one is expecting the game to slow down or fall off the radar in 2018. The CEO of PUBG developer PUBG Corp, Chang Han Kim, said in a new interview that he hopes the game will one day be available on "every platform." Not only that, but he also spoke about how his aim is for PUBG to become a "universal media franchise" that could extend beyond games to TV and movies.

PUBG is now available on PC and on console through a timed-exclusivity partnership with Microsoft for the Xbox One edition. The game will stay exclusive to Xbox One "for some time," Kim told InvenGlobal, though it sounds like you can expect it on PlayStation 4 and other systems later. "If we have the opportunity, the final goal would be to launch the title on every platform," he said.

The PC edition of PUBG recently officially launched its 1.0 version while the Xbox One version remains unfinished in the Game Preview program. Despite being unfinished, the Xbox One version has been a huge hit already, selling 1 million copies in its first 48 hours. Kim added that the game has been "selling considerably" since then, and overall he described the game's commercial success on Xbox One as being "much better" than anticipated.

Kim went on to explain that part of what is keeping PUBG off PS4 for now (outside of Microsoft's timed-exclusive agreement) is that Sony's system doesn't have an Early Access/Game Preview program. This was also an issue for Ark: Survival Evolved, which launched on Xbox One much earlier than it did on PS4.

"Early Access on Steam and Game Preview on Xbox One are like pre-release, so they don't have a restriction on quality. However, PlayStation is very strict about this," Kim said. "There were cases where a game took 6 months more to launch even when it was already completed. We are still in the stage of learning the console development environment and console gamers' taste. We need to think about other platforms after evaluating and completing the Xbox One version first."

Also in the interview, Kim spoke about his ambition for PUBG to become much more than just a game. "I'd like PUBG to become a universal media franchise based on the game," he said. "We want to take part in diverse industries including Esports, movies, drama, cartoons, animation, and more. In fact, we received a couple of love calls from a number of developers in Hollywood and Netflix.

"Our dream is to build a new game-based culture through various ways like this, and have the lead of that culture."

You can read the full, wide-ranging interview here at InvenGlobal. The site went inside the company's South Korean office and has pictures of the working space.

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I can't wait for PUBG porn

Avatar image for juninhotorres

ugh, they can't properly finish a single game in a single platform and are dreaming of ports and other media. talk about delusions of grandeur.

Avatar image for sonic_spark

PUBG on Switch. Do it.

Avatar image for Thanatos2k

More than just a game? What, you're going to run it as a reality show for real?

You're a mediocre bro shooter with zero original content or style that anyone would recognize outside your 2005 graphics world.

Avatar image for deadpeasant

The pubg people are getting delusions of grandure now the success is going to their heads.

Avatar image for knolddasker

Sacred was one of my fav co-op games back in the days

Avatar image for onehitta323

I bet this game won't be a disaster either once its released on the ps4. Xbox running this game is a joke. I already have it on pc but its great that its coming to ps4 .

Avatar image for peterhorner1867

@onehitta323: well I'm playing it on Xbox and it's fantastic.

Meanwhile my ps4 remains in a draw upstairs where it's been since last April

Avatar image for deactivated-5a807722de4ed

@onehitta323: I guess we will find out when it's released for Sony's new console in 2021...but, by then, who really cares?

Avatar image for onehitta323

@caseyrybek: where does it say that it will be released on sony's new console in 2021? I bet it will release by december of this year. It was only a timed console exclusive to begin with, Practically every article stated that so this article is no surprise. It even specifically states in the article that it will be released on the ps4, not a future console. Did you even read it?

Avatar image for deactivated-5a807722de4ed

@onehitta323: I see that your soul sister, @creepywelps has joined you in delusions of grandeur. Lets hope you have more creativity than her.

Specify your question. Did I read the Gamespot article or the REAL interview they sourced the article from? Question is, did you read the real interview?

Here's CH Kim's actual response to the question: "As it's going to be an exclusive title on Xbox One for SOME TIME, we'd like to focus on completing the XBOX One PUBG for now. If we have the OPPORTUNITY, the final goal would be to launch the title on every platform.....WE NEED TO THINK about other platforms after evaluating and completing the Xbox One version first."

There are some contextual pieces that Gamespot decided to leave out for obvious purposes. The best part is, the "thinking phase" is scheduled after the Xbox version is complete. LOL. THINKING....not development. Also, what do you suppose "if we have the opportunity.." means? Do you think that means if Sony allows them? LOL. Of course Sony wants the game. By "opportunity," he's referring to their contractual obligations with Microsoft.

But yeah, I over exaggerated a bit with 2021....funny part is, you exaggerated in the opposite direction. Bluehole's dev cycle isn't hard to figure out because we should be able to infer some of the timing by reviewing the duration of pre-release to official release on PC. So, by your math (LOL), here's the onehitta323 project plan for Bluehole PUBG on Xbox One:

December - Feb 18: learn everything from xbox gamer base and complete preview edition of PUBG

March: official release of PUBG on xbox one

April - November : strategy and plan for release on multiple platforms, especially those that do not have a preview program like PS4.

December: release PUBG on PS4

LOLLOLLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL - writing that out was exactly the laugh I needed this week.

Maybe December of 2019.

Oh, and @creepywelps I'll save you some time on your response:

....I'm triggered....

....I'm butt hurt....

save time on your weak responses and go take a debate course online.

One hitta!!!!!

Avatar image for dylan35

@caseyrybek: you are brilliant I've avoided Gamespot for a month you made my day!

Avatar image for onehitta323

@caseyrybek: There's nothing to debate. You don't need to write a whole book of theories on it either. You have your ridiculous opinion and we have ours. They're not gonna take years to release it on ps4. It will be December of this year at the latest. If not sooner. Go cry to Microsoft and wish for a real exclusive that isn't a broken mess.

Avatar image for deactivated-5a807722de4ed

@onehitta323: No, there's a lot to debate. Any game that is going to be released within a year from now would already been previewed the second the deadline was realized. When is this not the norm exactly? What other game was released within a 12 month time-frame that wasn't previewed within that same time-frame???? IT NEVER HAPPENS.

That joke of a game Death Stranding doesn't even have a release date yet and they're announcing it. So you expect me to believe if a game is going to be released in December or by the summer, they are going to wait to make the announcement a week before?


Avatar image for creepywelps

@caseyrybek: It'll be on PS the day it's out of early access.

December by the latest.

Avatar image for joshrmeyer

@onehitta323: I don't think it'll be in early access or whatever it's called for a full year on console. It's already complete on PC. The CPUs are nearly the same on PS4 so I wouldn't expect too much different performance. I'm guessing it'll be out on PS4 before the summer starts.

Avatar image for creepywelps

@onehitta323: It'll be on PS the minute they release it out of early access on console.

Avatar image for moonco

PUBG on Ataribox here we come!

Avatar image for syntaxkt

This game is a great idea, but poor in execution. They should've focus on fixing and optimizing the pc version first, and from from what I understand it's littered with hackers everywhere. Maybe it's hard for them to keep up because of the nature of the game and they are a smaller development team, and it makes sense why the are upset with fortnite, which is more polished, free and on more platforms, even if it is different in style. I don't think this will remain the definitive battle royale game, but I have a feeling they will be overtaken from a bigger company that copies this formula (differently than fortnite) and actually has the resources to launch in a polished state on different platforms at the same time. Nobody is exactly buying an xbox one x for this game lol.

Avatar image for creepywelps

Lol, the games garbage on console anyway.

Avatar image for IJONOI

Tried the game for the first time today and its a mess. The controls straight up dont work. I had to remap everything. Glitches everywhere, terrible framerate (1080ti)

Looks like a fun game beneath it all. Sad really.

Avatar image for Pyrosa

Ugh... Even Battle Royale itself couldn't spawn a sequel worth watching, and Hunger Games is garbage in all its forms.

Best to just enjoy building on the game's sucess while staying in the gaming space. PUBG.

But writing ensemble "backstory per episode" shows are dead-simple to write and incredibly popular now, even in the non-action/sci-fi space (see Orange is the new Black). The show will likely get greenlit.

Avatar image for agx-07_162

I still don't get the appeal for this kind of game. I tried but I just don't get it. The idea is novel but actually playing it is kind of annoying. You run around trying to get kills until one of the 100 or so people inevitably comes up behind you and kills you. Then you wait. That's not fun. Not for me.

Avatar image for hardcoregamer1

Oh lord here we go again we have another angry birds on how hands, you just cant be satisfied in having a good game you have to try and pimp it out to all forms of entertainment until it becomes burnt out.

Avatar image for Thanatos2k

@hardcoregamer1: But Angry Birds wasn't a good game, and neither is this.

Avatar image for couly

@hardcoregamer1: Why not? if it's the same game what do you care? it doesn't diminish your gaming experience does it?

Avatar image for agx-07_162

@couly: I know what he means. It creates a little disdain when a product is constantly crammed down your throat. I felt the same way about Angry Birds. It was a fine game but then it was everywhere. It didn't change the game in any way, obviously, but that type of thing is pretty annoying and can (and does) push consumers away from a product. It brings in more than it pushes away so it balances out.

Avatar image for couly

@agx-07_162: I guess I just don't get it. I will get the same enjoyment in a year.

Avatar image for ragethorn

Man, I can't put down Fortnite's Battle Royale mode, so hearing this? I'm jacked!

Avatar image for drd7of14

Soooo...The CEO wants PUBG to be Gun Gale Online?

Avatar image for ArcoJawa

We'll see.

I've seen worse games become big. It's not really offering anything less than, say, Rainbow Siege or Call of Duty, and those game got big despite what little they offered for a really long time. (even after all these years a lot of games offer roughly the same experience spread over several very similar modes) People scoff but it really doesn't take much originality to get big in the video game industry.

Avatar image for bigcrusha

Spreading this game to multiple platforms will not make it more successful. It's nice that it's garnered all this success but it's not a novel game, nor is it difficult to replicate. They should focus on more refinement. Ironing out bugs, releasing more situational weaponry, more kinds of modes like a PUBG 50's queue or a static weapons spawn queue. More maps, cleaner mechanics. There's a reason why games like league of legends has continued to be popular for this long, it hasn't stopped refining it's core game.

Avatar image for catsimboy

So much ambition for a lazy fad game. Cartoons? Are they going to have a kids Saturday morning cartoon with morals like "Uh oh, Pewdiepie said the n-word, that's a no-no."?

Avatar image for Thanatos2k

@catsimboy: "He called someone the f-word on his stream. That's no good"

"Wait, which F-word? I forget which one is worse nowadays"


Avatar image for chiefwiggum16

Heck yeah man, cant wait to play on my Switch w N64 gfx running at Tiger Electronics fps

Avatar image for consolehaven

Well, good for them. I hope their success keeps going strong into the new year and beyond.

Avatar image for DARREN636

fortnite is early access on ps4

been playing for 3 months.

Avatar image for banhammer

@DARREN636: the worst part of the game is free, where is the fort building, scavanging, tower defense against monsters??? thats what drew me in, not a cartoon version of pubg

Avatar image for jonathanledwig

@banhammer: Fortnite destroys PUBG. PUBG is graphically horrible to look at and is glitchy. At least fortnite offers very smooth gameplay. Not to mention its completely free or will be completely free. Their Battle Royale is free anyways.

Fortnite has more Players than PUBG already and hasn't even been out as long as PUBG.

Avatar image for muzza93

@banhammer: just play that mode then?

Avatar image for DARREN636

the bubble will burst.

Avatar image for kaminobenimizu

If it becomes a TV series, book, or movie, prepare to have lawyers on hand, for creators of survival stories shall sue you to death.

Avatar image for consolehaven

@kaminobenimizu: Why would they? You can't copyright a theme.

Avatar image for muzza93

@consolehaven: yeah just ask the Fortnite developers

Avatar image for heroicslug

What is PUBG? Presumably an acronym, but wouldn't it have been wise to have a brief synopsis of the game, or at least it's full unabbreviated title, somewhere in the article?

All I know is some game wants to come out on more consoles. Nothing about said game or why that's cool.

Avatar image for gargungulunk


Pub Burger.

That's what I think of....with onion rings in it.

Avatar image for banhammer

@heroicslug: Player Unknown Battle Grounds

Avatar image for sealionact

@heroicslug: If you really don't know what PUBG is, you probably shouldn't be posting it on "game"spot.