PUBG Adds New Free Items For Everyone In Wake Of Anger Over Event Pass

You'll be able to get these items without paying for the Event Pass.


Alongside the launch of the new Sanhok map, PUBG will be adding something called the Event Pass. This is similar to Fortnite's Battle Pass and allows players to earn various cosmetics by purchasing it and completing objectives. However, news of the Event Pass has proven to be controversial, angering many players who feel the game is still not in great shape. Seemingly in response to these frustrations, developer PUBG Corp. has announced plans to give away an additional pair of items to all players, Event Pass buyers or not. [Update: The update is now available on Steam.]

"Many of you seem pretty excited about the 17 permanent, exclusive cosmetic items included with the Event Pass (including the full Jailbird set, Escapee set, Prison Guard uniforms, and Beach set)," PUBG Corp. said in a post on Steam. "But we've also heard from many of you that you'd like the chance to earn more permanent items, even if you aren't paying for the Event Pass."

In order to address these complaints, PUBG will add two new items (pictured below) that anyone can unlock by completing Event Pass missions, but you won't have to buy the Event Pass in order to do so. These aren't the only rewards available to everyone, as you can also get a nickname change and an exclusive parachute skin by reaching certain level milestones.

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The remaining items will still only be unlockable if you purchase the Event Pass, but PUBG Corp. said it's offering freebies because it wants the event "to feel fun and meaningful for all our players."

In addition to announcing these changes to its plans, PUBG Corp. explained why it failed to note that some items unlocked through the event don't become permanent parts of your collection.

"The main reason is that we wanted to let players just try out some of the most popular items from crates we've released in the past," it said. "We thought it'd be cool to give all players a chance to try them out during the launch event. But, we've heard your feedback on this. We will continue to work on creating new ways to allow you to unlock great content in PUBG, and that includes offering cooler ingame swag. We'll keep thinking about how to better use trial items in the future."

Both the Event Pass and the new map, Sanhok, launch on Steam on Friday, June 22.

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