P.T. Video Shows Lisa's Terrifying Hidden Movements

YouTube user Lance McDonald showed us what P.T. villain Lisa does when you can't see her, and now we can't sleep.


P.T. was already one of the most terrifying gaming experiences of all time when it first released in 2015, and a large part of that was the villain Lisa. She would appear behind you at unexpected moments, and a new video shows just how the creepy ghoul functioned behind the scenes.

YouTube user Lance McDonald examined how Lisa's obscured or implied appearances functioned in P.T., a demo that was originally meant to tease the canceled Silent Hills game. He first made his way up into the upper level of the house, where you never actually travel in the standard version of the demo. Here, we see that during Lisa's first appearance, she stares down at the floor for several seconds before falling back and disappearing.

One of the most frightening sections of P.T. occurs when attempting to look into a cracked bathroom door. Lisa yells and slams the door shut, but as McDonald shows from inside the bathroom, she actually only materializes a moment before doing this and then vanishes again.

The bathroom comes back into play later, as well, when a series of footsteps can be heard out in the hallway. This time, there are no tricks. Lisa is actually waiting outside the bathroom while you're in there.

Though Silent Hills was canceled and P.T. is no longer available for download, Kojima Productions' social media has fans thinking the game could be revived.

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