PT-Like PC Horror Game Allison Road Launches Crowdfunding Campaign

Developers are looking for hundreds of thousands to make the "next-generation survival horror" game.


Developers behind Allison Road, the apparent spiritual successor to P.T. (itself a teaser for the now-canceled Silent Hills project), have kicked off a crowdfundng campaign to help bring the game to market.

London-based developer Lilith Ltd. launched a Kickstarter page for the game today, asking for £250,000 ($387,625). The first-person game aims to be a "next-gen survival horror" title. It's going for the highest-quality graphics and runs on the Unreal Engine 4; the game also plans to support the Oculus Rift VR headset.

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In Allison Road, you explore a house to uncover the supernatural events happening within. The main character wakes up with no idea what happened in the house and must figure out the mystery while being stalked by a mysterious creature.

"These days it seems that horror games are more about style over substance and little to no narrative, whereas we are going to return to the roots of true psychological horror," Lilith said.

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Allison Road made it through the Greenlight process on Steam earlier this summer after just two days. The game is currently in development for PC with an estimated launch date of 2016. For a closer look, check out the prototype video and image gallery above.

Lilith is a brand new studio formed in 2015. The team is made up of game is made up of "highly experienced entertainment industry veterans" who have worked on games like Gabriel Knight: Sins of the Father and franchises like The Avengers and The Hobbit.

Pledging at least £15 (about $24) or more gets you a copy of Allison Road. At press time, funding stands at more than £23,309 ($36,136) from 678 backers.

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Avatar image for cathinshadow

It looks nice and all, and I know this is just a demo. but I hope they let us actually get to know the story of the person we are playing, especially since this guy talks a lot. PT didn't but then again you were directly set in a creepy situation. It wasn't supposed to be a "normal" day. It just didn't seem scary to me. But I played PT just a few months ago so maybe the memory just needs to fade.

Having so many choices of items to interact with seems a bit risky too, but we will just have to wait and see. Sadly I have been burnt too many times by Kickstarter to go down that road again. Good luck with development!

Avatar image for bluebird08

No horror game will be able to compare to the disturbing creepyness of PT.

Avatar image for gotrekfabian

I say don't fund this. It seems to me that the game is mostly finished: the physics engine seems fine and the graphics and world seem pretty complete to me.

This is just a way of getting pre-orders out of people IMO.

Avatar image for spartan11mc

@gotrekfabian: They got 2 small areas and 1 model. Game's done.

Avatar image for gotrekfabian

@spartan11mc: And you have proof of this? Don't believe everything that you read/hear.

Avatar image for cornbredx

SOMA just came out today. Get that instead of putting money towards this.

Avatar image for SilentAssassin

Does it have Hideo Kojima.. NO

Does it have the writer from Walking Dead.. No

No thanks.

Avatar image for bluebird08

@SilentAssassin: amazing things were bound to happen with those two guys on the same project. It's sad that the game was cancelled.

Avatar image for santinegrete

@SilentAssassin: I get your points, but when those people pass away, you'll stop playing games :D?

Avatar image for zandrxi

I want to fund this but i may be to sacred to play it .....

Avatar image for spartan11mc

@zandrxi: I've never played a horror game in my life and absolutely hate them, but for some reason i want this to succeed. Maybe it would be a good first?

Avatar image for consolehaven

I think that the developers have seriously underestimated the cost of making their game. They may be using that money to raise additional funds, but, the goal is too low to make anything worth playing from beginning to end. It's an ill advised project to back.

Avatar image for maitkarro

It looks like necrophilia fans will really like it.

Avatar image for ChunkyDrawers

Clean that toilet holy crap...

Avatar image for nerdgazumgaming


Avatar image for deactivated-58270bc086e0d

OMG why do developers ADD chromatic shift to their games? Chromatic shift is an artefact of photography which they REMOVE when developing photographs. Why the hell would they deliberately add it back in? It looks frigging horrible.

"Yeah I know what we should do. Make this awesome, wonderfully detailed world and then make it look like the camera has oil smeared all over the lens using stupid post-processing artefacts!".

Avatar image for maitkarro

@Dannystaples14: Because realistic looks boring, that's what realistic is by it's own definition, the more we live in it.

Avatar image for deactivated-58270bc086e0d

@maitkarro: Why does having clear visuals make it more realistic? I'm talking about making the visuals less ugly.

This game is still going to be about some undead, demon woman. Not having chromatic shift is hardly going to make it boring and realistic!

The point is this game looks stunning without the stupid post-processing stuff and yet they then make it uglier on purpose.

Avatar image for maitkarro

@Dannystaples14: Well it's your opinion, and nobody really cares, how the game was made is the makers vision of how the game should look and feel, if you don't like it move on.

Avatar image for whakyZ86

Watched it. Was afraid...very afraid

Avatar image for maxguevera

Wake me up when its done.

Avatar image for cornbredx

Of course they are. The best time to get people to give up their money is when they're mad at a company for something petty and dumb.

Nah. I saw the demo for this and it's nothing like P.T. They don't even seem to understand build up of tension, or why P.T. really did anything it did. It seems to miss the entire point of P.T. or why it did anything it did so I have no faith this developer can fully succeed in making a decent horror game let alone a "P.T. like".

I'll pass on giving money to this opportunist developer of a not scary and not at all like P.T. game.

Avatar image for KaptenHaddock


From what I've seen in the video in this article, it might've been fine if they got rid of the cheese - the whispers, is what I'm thinking of. They make no sense, are out of place and ruins tension. Also text and blood on walls. Otherwise I'd say it might be pretty cool.

When it comes to presentation, I think they have the visual style of P.T. down. But other than it is a different game, people shouldn't expect this to be the Silent Hill or P.T. they never had.

Avatar image for jerses

@cornbredx: agree. I played the demo and its just a jump scare game and predictable. PT even as a demo ( and not the real silent hill game) was scary weird.

Avatar image for berserker66666

Suck it Konami. We're getting P.T like game even after you cancelled it. I saw this game before. Looks awsm graphically and atmospherically...and it's super scary.

Avatar image for playstationzone

Looks like got no problem salting thus game without fundings since p.t dead or other words silent hills .

Avatar image for spartan11mc

@playstationzone: Just realized Konami owns Silent Hill. Well ****, there goes 2 great series.

Avatar image for Akabuu

Dats hot

Avatar image for baggerwild

Plot: The main character killed the girl inside the house. See ya!

Avatar image for solid_snake1461

If the name Joakim is listed as a developer for this game, I have no doubt that it would have reached the goal in less than a day.

Avatar image for bbq_R0ADK1LL

I never even heard of PT until it was taken down & suddenly it was news that people couldn't play it anymore. Now everyone is trying to compare games to it like it's some kind of masterpiece despite only being a demo.

I know everyone has a boner for Kojima right now but I just don't get the hype.

Avatar image for Hornet85

@bbq_R0ADK1LL: You'll have to play the PT demo to get the hype

Avatar image for subsided94

Lol, picture number five of the mouth reminds me of the cover of Miley Cyrus & her dead petz album

Avatar image for jdkillustration

Can they just bring P.T. back and i'll buy a PS4? Only a white PS4 though, do they still make those?

Avatar image for quink

@jdkillustration: Why bring PT back? it was just a Playable Teaser for Silent Hills.

Avatar image for rosssmiller

@quink: It may have been a playable teaser, but it was a really cool, unique experience in its own right. It's depressing that it's no longer available for people to download and play at all.

Avatar image for quink

@rosssmiller: True, Im happy is still got it on my PS4. Im pretty sure theres a way to get from someone else viaUSB or something.

Avatar image for rosssmiller

@quink: If you know of one, I'd be curious to hear it. My understanding is that, while you can transfer save data and media via USB drives, actual game content is impossible to transfer on PS4. They want you to re-download every actual title for licensing and whatnot. So even if I were to, say, upgrade to a new hard drive (something I'd love to do, since I'm constantly shuffling things on and off of my 500gb drive), I would lose PT.

Avatar image for quink

@rosssmiller: Hmmpf maybe that why people sold their PS4s with PT on it for 1000 bucks and above. Its really really easy to change harddrive in your PS4. Really really easy. I currently have 2TB harddrive. Just buy a harddrive that matches, download PS operating system to a memory stick install harddrive and OS.

Avatar image for gameroutlawzz

@quink: Soo my PS4 is worth a few thousands.

Avatar image for spartan11mc

@gameroutlawzz: No.

Avatar image for quink

@gameroutlawzz: if you find a buyer stupid enough =)

Avatar image for rosssmiller

@quink: I think you might be misunderstanding me. I know it's easy to change hard drives on PS4, and I did the same thing with my PS3 in the last generation. I'm just saying that you have to re-download all of your game content, and you can't simply transfer from drive-to-drive. Because of that, if you want to replace your hard drive, anything that you had stored on it that's not available on the store, like PT, is lost. That's a bit of a problem.

Avatar image for xolivierx

@jdkillustration : ''the ps4 community doesn't want you '' Kanye West

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