Psyvariar 2 coming to Japanese Xboxes

Success Corporation's shooting game will be ported to the Microsoft console across the Pacific.


TOKYO--Microsoft has announced that Success Corporation's shooting game Psyvariar 2 will be making its way to the Xbox on August 26 in Japan. The sequel to the popular shooter Psyvariar, Psyvariar 2 was originally released for arcades on the Sega Naomi board. The Psyvariar series is known for its distinct "buzz" system, where the player's ship levels up by purposely dodging enemy shots. Psyvariar 2 will retail for 4,800 yen ($46), and images can be seen at its official Web site.

In related news, Microsoft also revealed that the five recently announced arcade ports for the Xbox--Psyvariar 2, Metal Slug 3, Castle of Shikigami II, Guilty Gear XX #Reload, and SNK vs. Capcom--will come in a collectible packaging that can be used as a calendar. Microsoft comments that the packages will come with some other kind of bonus, but details have not yet been revealed.

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