Psygnosis to Develop for N64

Psygnosis makes it official. It is now an official developer for the Nintendo 64.


Psygnosis announced Friday that it is developing games for the Nintendo 64 - as previously reported by GameSpot News - the first being Wipeout 64.

The title will have a bunch of new features, including four-player simultaneous play on one screen. Psygnosis said in the statement released today that the N64 entry in the series "will take the breathtaking gaming experience of the landmark Wipeout series to new heights."

The company plans on releasing more N64 titles in the future and has multiple titles in the works, and according to the announcement, plans on "delivering a high profile catalog of games." From that, it's not much of a stretch to think that Destruction Derby, Colony Wars, and at least a few other titles are in the planning stages, although nothing has been confirmed for those titles.

It is not known whether Psygnosis will publish N64 games itself, or just develop.

"We're very excited that Psygnosis, one of the world's leading game companies, is developing games for the N64, and that Wipeout 64, one of the industry's most popular series, will be its first title," Howard Lincoln, chairman of Nintendo of America, said in a statement.

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