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Psychonauts 3 Sounds Unlikely As Double Fine Wants To Make An Original Game Next

"We like to make up our own stuff at Double Fine."


Double Fine, which recently released Psychonauts 2 to much acclaim, is looking to build something new and original for its next game, and not Psychonauts 3. Double Fine boss Tim Schafer told IGN that he is keen to pursue something entirely original for the company's next game.

While Double Fine has made some sequels before, like Costume Quest 2, Psychonauts 2 represented the "first real big follow-up to a big story." But don't expect Double Fine to come back with another sequel soon. "I think it leads me to want to do new, original stuff for the next phase. Coming up with new ideas is really where my head is at right now," he said.

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Double Fine is owned by Microsoft, but Schafer reiterated that the company wants to make its own original games as opposed to a new entry in an established series from Microsoft or anyone else.

"We like to make up our own stuff at Double Fine, so they will not be handing us any IPs," Schafer said of Microsoft.

Given that Double Fine is now owned by Microsoft, you can expect whatever the company makes next to come to Xbox platforms, as well as Game Pass. Psychonauts 2 was also released on PlayStation, but its development began before Microsoft bought Double Fine.

In addition to the Psychonauts series, Double Fine is known for many games that never got sequels, including Brutal Legend and Broken Age, though Costume Quest did get a sequel.

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