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Psychonauts 2 Reaches $3.3 Million Crowdfunding Goal

Psychonauts 2 had the largest crowdfunding target goal ever.


Psychonauts 2, the sequel to Double Fine's highly-revered platformer, has reached the largest crowdfunding target goal for a video game ever. The Psychonauts sequel hit $3.3 million on January 6 with five days left in the campaign.

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Double Fine revealed Psychonauts 2 and launched the campaign at last year's Game Awards. The company is known for using Kickstarter to fund its games, but took a new approach when crowdfunding the highly-anticipated sequel.

"The Psychonauts 2 campaign is the first video game crowdfunding campaign to allow unaccredited individuals to invest in the development and publishing of a video game and share in the earnings," said Fig CEO Justin Bailey. "This is the first of many campaigns that will allow everyone to financially share in a game, making it a true community experience."

Psychonauts 2's development is being led by Double Fine president Tim Schafer, who also directed the original Psychonauts.

"We're so grateful to our backers for giving us this chance to continue the story of Raz and the Psychonauts," said Schafer. "Knowing that they will be able to participate as investors in the game makes the whole thing feel more fair and more rewarding."

Psychonauts 2 stands in the top ten highest crowdfunded games of all time. Star Citizen holds the top spot with over $100 million funded.

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