Psychonauts 2 Lucrecia's Lament Collectibles Guide

Though it's near the end of Psychonauts 2, there are still plenty of collectibles to uncover in Lucrecia's Lament. Here's how to get all of them.


You're rapidly approaching the end of Psychonauts 2 when you get to Lucrecia's Lament, delving into the secrets of the Psychonauts. But there are still plenty of collectibles to find, even if this is one of the smaller levels in the game. Here's where to find everything you need to keep maxing out your Intern rank and powering up all your psychic abilities.

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Lucrecia's Lament Collectibles

  • Nuggets of Wisdom: 3
  • Memory Vaults: 2
  • Emotional Baggage: Duffel Bag, Suitcase, Hat Box, Steamer Trunk
  • Figments: 106

The quilting-themed world of Lucrecia's Lament is one of the smaller, more straightforward levels in Psychonauts 2, but make sure you thoroughly check the flea circus area before moving on.

Nugget of Wisdom: When you first arrive in Lucrecia's Lament, you'll find yourself in a flea circus version of the Aquato family act. Look for ladders and climb up to the highest platform you can reach, near the carousel section, then cross the tightrope to reach the Nugget.

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Memory Vault: Down on the ground, look for a red jar that's being used as part of the stage area. In the corner behind it lies the Memory Vault. It's to the right of the stands, which have a few bug figments making up the audience.

Suitcase Tag: Complete each of the circus acts in the flea circus portion and you'll be sent up to the high dive for one last maneuver. When you get there, look over to the right and jump over to a big piece of metal holding up portions of the stage. Run to the far end to find the Suitcase Tag near the edge.

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Steamer Trunk Tag: Once you enter the quilted area of Lucrecia's Lament, you'll use a bridge to cross a stream. Immediately turn right to find the Steamer Trunk Tag just sitting near the fence.

Memory Vault: Around this same area is a Memory Vault, hidden among the trees not far from the Steamer Trunk Tag.

Nugget of Wisdom: Look up for your second Nugget of Wisdom, which is also located near the bridge you crossed. This one is up on top of a thread spindle, and you'll have to carefully climb up on some objects to get high enough to reach it.

Hat Box Tag: Follow the path and you'll come to a portal you can move through that will take you to another portion of the level, marked by a drawing of Nona and Raz's father as a boy. Instead of going through, check around behind it for the Hat Box Tag.

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Purse Tag: Continue on and you'll pass through two more portals. When you come through the third one into the Quilt Forest, which looks like a throw pillow, head around behind the exit side to find the Purse Tag.

Duffle Bag Tag: In the Quilt Forest, not long after you arrive, look for a black button on the ground. Use Telekinesis to pull on the button to create a portal that will take you to the Duffle Bag Tag.

Nugget of Wisdom: In the same area, the Quilt Forest, keep going until you find another black button. Repeat the process with Telekinesis of grabbing it, and the new portal will carry you to where the Nugget of Wisdom is hidden.

Emotional Baggage: Eventually, you'll hit a dead end with a huge dam, a bunch of chains, and some luggage holding back the water. Here, you'll find all the level's Emotional Baggage in the same place. As you can see, Lucrecia has a lot of it.

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