Psychonauts 2 Delayed Until At Least 2019

"We want to make sure that Psychonauts 2 is something you’ll love," Double Fine says.

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Double Fine's highly anticipated platformer Psychonauts 2 has been delayed. The game was originally slated to release sometime in 2018, but the developer has now confirmed that the title won't ship until at least 2019.

Double Fine broke the news today in an update on Psychonauts 2's Fig page. In the update, Double Fine revealed that production on the title is progressing and "five full level teams" are now at work on it. However, now that development has ramped up, Double Fine has realized that the project will take more time than it initially estimated.

"Now we are in full swing, we know a lot more about the size and scope of the game we are going to make, how long it will take us to make it, and the amount of time we need to make it be great," Double Fine wrote. "From those projections we know that Psychonauts 2 will not be shipping in 2018, like we originally estimated when we published the Fig campaign two years ago."

The developer went on: "We love the game we're making and we want to make sure that Psychonauts 2 is something you'll love too--a game that carries on the legacy of Psychonauts in a meaningful and special way. We're making great progress, but we want to make sure the game has the time it needs to shine."

Psychonauts 2 is in development for PS4, Xbox One, and PC. It was first announced at The Game Awards in 2015 and was successfully crowdfunded on Fig, with more than 24,000 fans contributing nearly $4 million to the project. Earlier this year, Starbreeze, the publisher of Payday 2, announced it will publish Psychonauts 2, while Double Fine will retain the rights to the IP.

The original Psychonauts was released in 2005. Double Fine re-released the game on PS4 last year, while the standalone VR adventure Psychonauts in the Rhombus of Ruin launched for Sony's console back in February.

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Avatar image for Yams1980

I think i'll replay the original game sometime next year while I wait for this. The original games really overrated but I'm still looking forward to playing the sequel cause it was still pretty funny.

People who never played it, remember that, its a cult like game, not as good as people make it seem but it is still funny and has some good variety in the levels you play considering on how far back it was made.

I also hope double fine will make another Trenched/Iron Brigade game. I loved the gameplay in that.

Avatar image for benji2d

The first few dev videos they posted, in the summer camp, looked amazing...especially the first one. After that...they KINDA started loosing me. One of the last ones, in the new zone...looked so...dry?! Looked so meh. I know it's not ready, but...they gotta put a LOT of stuff there to make me like it...but that may be just's okay.
What I'm thinking is that...they shouldn't made the VR game. I bought it, finished's cool, yeah, but was so unnecessary and uncalled for and...yeah.
Maybe they wanted to give us something WHILE making a few extra cash...but I think not making it at all was the better decision.
Cuz...think about it: how many people have VR...and how many of THOSE people will buy THIS game they never heard of? They just see the graphics and char models and are like "uuuugh...what is this weird sh*t" right? Not all people are into that Tim Burtonish kinda art style. We live in the CoD kids era...where CoD is the best selling game out there. Who's gonna buy that "psycho-something" game? People never heard of Psychonauts 1.
So yeah...even if the idea was to cash was a bad idea. To please the fans? Nahh...they lost precious development time making this. IF you wanna please the fans...finish Psychonauts 2.
I'm a huge Psychonauts fan, one of my fav games ever. I first read about it in a gaming magazine and I was like "THAT'S THE GAME I wanna play........asap!" And I saved some money and I bought it. Still have it. I backed the funding of 2 too so...yeah, not a hater here.

Avatar image for cornbredx

Not surprising at all that a developer known for delays is delaying again.

Avatar image for DAOWAce

What, yet another year of development?

Gee, if only they did this to Spacebase DF-9 instead of abandoning it because developers "get paid too much in California"; Schaffer's words.

Duck Fouble Fine.

Avatar image for vilified_signals

@DAOWAce: Agreed. Especially since Tim Schafer apologized for having male parts in an Anita Sarkeesian video.

Avatar image for zoniax2

We've waited 12 years already, what's another 2?

I love their production updates, they get pretty in depth. I'll just have to replay Psychonauts 1... again...

Avatar image for Pyrosa

Take your time!

Avatar image for AccursedGamer

Take your time DoubleFine. For I am very patient man.

Avatar image for phoenix1289

Fine with me. Psychonauts is one of my favorite games that I've ever played, if taking the extra time helps ensure that they don't screw it up then they can take as much time as they need.

Avatar image for restatbonfire

Anyone remember the psychonauts Easter egg in Alice madness returns?

Avatar image for aromain150

@restatbonfire: Yes, it was weird and cool at the same time.😅

Avatar image for uncle5555

I was wondering what Double Fine was going to give me for Christmast his year, and now I know.