"Psychological Deep Sea Thriller" PC Game Iron Fish Announced

Check out the first trailer and some screenshots for Iron Fish.


Indie developer Dean Edwards has announced his new game, and it's definitely different.

As he's been teasing on Twitter, Iron Fish is described as a "psychological deep sea thriller" where players must traverse the trenches of the ocean floor "where humans no longer have the upper hand."

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You play as Cerys, a deep sea investigator for the British Navy. Leveraging their resources, Cerys uses state-of-the-art equipment to descend to the depths of the ocean, seven miles down, to an unexplored world full of danger and intrigue.

"Come face to face with creatures that have never seen the light and day, question what is science or myth, and solve the unanswered questions of Cerys's past," reads a line from the game's official description courtesy of marketer Beefjack, which serves as the title's co-developer and marketer.

The locations you'll explore are varied, including colorful coral reefs and dark, scary-sounding chasms. There you'll meet all manner of deep sea monsters and must use your flares, sonar, and other equipment to survive.

Iron Fish is in development using Unreal Engine 4, the latest iteration of Epic Games' popular game engine. It's due to launch later this year on PC, though a specific release date has not been announced.

"Horror games are easier to make when it's all: 'You're against something so nasty that, ooh, we don't even need to explain why it's okay to shoot it in the face,'" producer Lottie Bevan said. "Think Resident Evil's mutants, Wolfenstein's Nazis, or all the weird psychosexual stuff in Alien. But but I've never played a horror game that actually asked you to respect the things trying to kill you. Cerys doesn't even have a gun. It's a design challenge, but that's awesome.

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"It's not like we give you a bazooka at the end and ask you to set everything on fire. For one, good luck doing that under 11,000 metres of water, but for another, it's much more interesting asking you to marvel at things beyond human conception which could--and probably are trying to--squash you like a bug. That's fun, right?”

Iron Fish is Edwards' first game. Working on the project alongside Edwards and Bevan is game director Shaun Leach (Sega, TT Games, PlayStation); lead programmer Peter Gartside (Psygnosis, Intelligent Games, Climax Brighton, FIFA); and art consultant Jack Oakman (APB: Reloaded).

For a closer look at Iron Fish, check out some screenshots in the gallery below.

You can also vote for the game on its new Steam Greenlight page or stay up to date by following the game's developments across Facebook, Twitter, and its official website.

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