PSVR Spotlight - All The Games Revealed In This Week's Showcase

From action hero adventures to relaxing puzzle-solving, this week's PSVR Spotlight had plenty unveiled for Sony's virtual reality hardware.


In a new PSVR Spotlight, Sony showed off several new games that will soon be available on its virtual reality hardware for PlayStation 4 and PS5 through backwards compatibility. Sony didn't mention any PS5 exclusive VR games or any updates on the new PSVR hardware that are currently being developed, but the games on offer appear to be a solid mix of action, exploration, and puzzle-solving.

Here's everything that was shown off this week.

Sniper Elite VR - July 8

Rebellion's precise and extremely gory Sniper Elite series heads to PSVR next month with the help of studios Just Add Water and Coatsink. Rebellion says that this version of the game has been designed from the ground up as a VR exclusive game, and will include the trademark X-Ray camera for when your bullet makes a gruesome impact through a Nazi's skull.

Wind & Leaves - July 27

Nature needs to heal, and with your help, some time travel, and plenty of seeds, you'll be able to heal a world blighted by ecological devastation. Each forest you plant will become a safe haven that you can continue your exploration from, and new abilities will be unlocked as you discover ancient structures built by ancient gardeners from a bygone era.

Wanderer - Summer 2021

Set in an alternate timeline, Wanderer by New Zealand-based indie game studios M Theory and Oddboy is all about experiencing time travel through the eyes of some of the most influential people from history. Shaping the course of human development by visiting real events and moments from history, it'll be up to you to determine the fate of civilization as you hop between groovy 1060s space races, post-apocalyptic environments, and ancient Mayan cities.

Arashi: Castles of Sin - Summer 2021

Interested in a trip to feudal Japan, vengeance, and sneaking around ancient castles? Arashi: Castles of Sin might be what you're looking for as you step into the tabi boots of the ninja Kenshiro, the last surviving son of his noble house. The Six Oni of Iga have captured various castles across the warring states of Japan, and only a well-equipped shinobi can end their reign of terror.

Fracked - Summer 2021

Fracked's big draw is that not only is it an action-adventure set in the Alaskan wilds, but also a game with a very wide range of traversal options that you'll be able to experience. On-foot action, skiing, and climbing are some of the methods you'll use to get around a level, with cover-shooter gameplay designed to make you feel like an action hero according to developer nDreams Ltd.

Puzzle Bobble 3D: Vacation Odyssey - Release date to be confirmed

The classic Puzzle Bobble franchise brings its problem-solving gameplay to PlayStation, this time with the added twist of taking on 100 3D puzzles. As usual, you'll need to aim, fire, and pop bubbles with your cannon, matching three colors or more to clear a section. In addition to the story mode, you'll also be able to take on friends in a 1 vs. 1 duel mode, or you can see how far you can go in an endless puzzle mode.

After the Fall - Release date to be confirmed

A four-player co-op shooter where you have to survive a post-apocalyptic Los Angeles that's slightly worse than regular LA, the real threat in After the Fall are the legions of undead enemies known as Snowbreed who lurk around every corner. Some of the Snowbreed variants include the revoltingly explosive Eater, the Juggernaut one-hit killing machine, and the gigantic Smasher whose title pretty much sums up what it'll do to you if it gets too close.

While Sony won't be present at E3 this year, the weeks ahead look set to show off plenty of other games. To see what else you can look forward to, don't forget to check out our E3 2021 schedule for all the times and dates on June's various press conferences.

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