PSVR 2 Preorders - Where To Buy PlayStation VR 2 Ahead Of Next Week's Launch

PSVR 2 costs $550 and is available exclusively at PlayStation Direct.


The PlayStation VR 2 releases in less than a week. The PS5's dedicated VR headset will start arriving on doorsteps on February 22. If you're interested in the PSVR 2, you'll be happy to learn that preorders are still available at PlayStation Direct. Orders placed now (February 16) will arrive between February 22-28. At this time, North American customers can only preorder the PSVR 2 at PlayStation Direct.

PlayStation VR 2 preorders

PlayStation VR 2
PlayStation VR 2

The PSVR 2 is available to preorder for $550 and comes with the headset and two Sense controllers. Alternatively, you can purchase a $600 bundle that comes with Horizon Call of the Mountain, the marquee PSVR 2 launch title. Like PlayStation 5 bundles, you're saving 10 bucks versus buying the hardware and game separately.

As a reminder, you need a PS5 or PS5 Digital to use PSVR 2.

PlayStation VR 2 games and accessories

Horizon Call of the Mountain
Horizon Call of the Mountain

The only official PlayStation VR 2 accessory up for preorder is a charging station for the Sense controllers. The charging station costs $50 and will be available at launch, too.

The PSVR 2's launch lineup is pretty expansive thanks to enhanced editions of a bunch of older VR games. The showcase game is Horizon Call of the Mountain, a new entry in the popular PlayStation series that was specifically designed for VR. Another notable PlayStation franchise is also playable via PSVR 2. Gran Turismo 7 is receiving a free update to make it playable in VR at launch. And just like Resident Evil 7 received a VR mode for the original PlayStation VR, its sequel Resident Evil Village will have a PSVR 2 mode.

Other noteworthy VR hits coming to PSVR 2 include both Moss games, Job Simulator, Vacation Simulator, Pistol Whip, and Star Wars: Tales From The Galaxy's Edge.

For more games, check out our roundup of every confirmed PSVR 2 game.

PlayStation VR 2 features

Here's a quick rundown of PSVR 2 specifications:

  • Eye-tracking cameras will follow your line of sight
  • Four integrated cameras will track your body position and DualSense controller in real-time
  • 2000 x 2040 resolution per eye, along with OLED HDR displays and 120Hz refresh rates
  • PSVR2 boasts a 110-degree field of view
  • Connects to your PS5 through a single USB-C cable
  • It offers a sleek new design and new Sense controllers with adaptive triggers and haptic feedback

If you're a PS5 owner trying to decide whether the headset is for you, make sure to check out our PSVR 2 review, which praises its impressive tech while offering some skepticism on its position in today's virtual reality landscape.

"What Sony has created is a VR headset that can exist in the space between the affordable but underpowered Quest 2 and the expensive but powerful Index," critic Tamoor Hussain wrote. But much of what it offers can be found on cheaper devices like the Quest 2, which has the added benefit of being standalone and wireless. For enthusiasts--and people willing to push through motion sickness, like me--it's very impressive hardware that needs more software to actually impress them."

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