PSPs go first-person with Coded Arms

Konami's point-of-view shooter is first for Sony's handheld; game blasts into stores at a SRP of $39.99.


Game publisher and developer Konami today announced that Coded Arms is now available in retail stores. The sci-fi-themed game is the first first-person shooter for the PSP, is rated T for Teen, and sells for $39.99.

In the game, players will assume the role of a computer hacker who digitally enters a defunct virtual reality system that has taken a life of its own. The system, originally designed to train combatants against a possible alien invasion, is now flush with evolving entities, such as simulated aliens, computer bugs, and security system bots.

Over the course of the multiple levels in the single-player mode, gamers will come across more than 30 different weapon types, including pulse rifles, sniper rifles, and grenades. The game also offers a multiplayer mode through the PSP's wireless capabilities, with games such as last man standing, deathmatch, and keep the mark.

For more information on Coded Arms, hack into GameSpot's recent hands-on preview of the game.

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