PSP update coming to US August 12

Firmware 2.0 includes an Internet browser, enhanced audio and video playback, photo sharing, and wallpaper.

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American PSP owners will soon be able to get what Japanese PSP users have had since late last month. Sony has announced that PSP Firmware 2.0 will be released in North America on August 12.

The Firmware updates PSPs with several new features. The biggest addition is the Internet browser, which appears as an option on the PSP's main menu. Using the built-in Wi-Fi capability, PSP owners can tap into a wireless Internet hot spot and surf the Web. According to Sony, the update will also include "enhanced video and audio playback, photo sharing options, broader network connectivity, and a customizable interface to suit each user's personal style."

On August 12, gamers can update their PSPs by using the Network Update feature while connected to a wireless Internet connection, or download the file from the PSP Web site to their PCs (the Japanese version is 15.9MB) and transfer it to their handhelds.

Sony released the update in Japan on July 27. Although the update works on North American PSPs, Sony warns owners that downloading the update will void the PSP's warranty, and American PSP users should wait until August 12 to download the US release, which has been thoroughly tested on US PSPs. Sony has not said whether or not the US version will include additional features.

For more information on the PSP update, check out GameSpot Hardware's Hands-On Impressions of the Japanese Firmware 2.0.

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