PSP Still Getting New Games, and You Can Decide the Look of This One's UMD

How do you want it to look?


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Gaijinworks is looking to make the release of upcoming PSP RPG Summon Night 5 particularly special for fans, who will be able to vote on the design of the game's UMD.

This will happen through Twitter, where Gaijinworks will tweet two possible designs at a time. You can cast your support for one or the other by retweeting the one you prefer. More designs will be shared throughout the remainder of August. Those that get the most retweets will be used for the actual game, though the company isn't saying exactly how many different versions will end up being produced.

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The first two possibilities are now up on Twitter; you can see them above and retweet your favorite by going here (left) or here (right).

Plans to release Summon Night 5 in North America and Europe were first announced earlier this year. Despite the PSP market being largely dead in the west, Gaijinworks localized and released JRPG Class of Heroes 2 for PSP in 2013 (and is now bringing Class of Heroes 3 to the west). In the case of Summon Night 5, none of the previous games have ever made it out of Japan, but this game was chosen in part to how recently (2013) it was released.

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Digital versions of both Summon Night 5 and Class of Heroes 3 will be released on the PlayStation Store, making them playable on PlayStation Vita. Additionally, SN5 will get a one-time-only physical release prior to the digital version coming out, and it's looking to be a good one.

In addition to a UMD copy, physical buyers will receive a game case with a multi-sided, full-color insert; a full-color manual; one of two 14" x 19" posters; a hologram; a code for the digital version; and the full soundtrack on CD with full-color inserts. This all costs $42 plus shipping, and you preorder your copy now.

Summon Night 5 is due out sometime this fall.

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