PSP redesign confirmed?

Sony UK exec reportedly drops word of a "smaller, lighter" portable at education-focused presentation.


Source: A report of a Sony UK event to launch the PSP in Education initiative.

The official story: See below.

What we heard: Much like the rumors of a bigger Xbox 360 hard drive, speculation about a redesigned PlayStation Portable simply refuses to go away. Yesterday those rumors resurfaced, as a article reported that Sony Computer Entertainment UK managing director Ray Maguire finally confirmed the new PSP's existence at a PSP in Education event to promote the system's use in the classroom.

According to the article, Maguire called the current PSP the "first iteration" of the hardware, and that a "smaller, lighter" version would be released in the future. When asked how that would affect the screen size, Maguire reportedly said the PSP's screen dimensions would be preserved despite any changes to the hardware.

When asked about Maguire's comments, Sony Computer Entertainment of America corporate communications director Dave Karraker told GameSpot that "Ray's comments regarding decreasing the size of the PSP were made in the general context that almost all consumer electronics shrink over time as advances are made in the technology to shrink the components used in manufacture. We have not, however, made any announcement regarding any new PSP hardware changes."

While the "we haven't made any announcements" line is an old standby for publishers wanting to make a splash with news that was assumed to be coming anyway, even the story includes mention of the less-than-concrete nature of Maguire's comments.

"In the longest term, of course we are always looking at ways to continue our platform development, and this normal business practice is what Ray was referring to," the article quotes a Sony representative as saying.

It looks like this one can join the Gears of War sequels and the bigger Xbox 360 hard drive in the file of sure things just waiting to become official.

Bogus or not bogus?: Bogus that it's confirmed, not bogus that it'll happen.

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