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PSP postponed in Europe

Sony delays the release of its PSP "for several months"; American launch still on track for March 24.


The launch of the Nintendo DS in Europe last Friday brought handheld gamers across the pond a handful of joy. The launch of the DS beat its main competitor's expected release of the PSP to market by two weeks. Sony's first foray into the handheld market was expected to be released later this month, giving European gamers a viable choice between the two handhelds.

Those holding out for the PSP will have to watch Nintendophiles prance around with their dual-screen handhelds for a few months longer--the PSP's European release has been delayed. Georges Fornay, chief of Sony Computer Entertainment France, has confirmed the unit's delay. The release is being postponed "for several months" so that Sony can adequately provide enough PSPs to satisfy the consumer demand.

Americans need not fret--Sony has promised one million PSPs for its launch in North America. The PSP launched in Japan on December 12. For more information on the PSP, read GameSpot Hardware's PSP 101 feature.

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