PSP kiosks spreading across Japan

Sony is expanding its demo download stations to 300 locations in the country, including game retailers and train stations.


TOKYO--Sony Computer Entertainment announced it will increase the number of its PlayStation Spot kiosks in Japan. Starting today, the company will begin setting up the terminals in 300 locations nationwide. Sites for the kiosks will include game retailers, Internet cafes, and major train stations.

Sony's PlayStation Spots offer various game demos that can be temporarily downloaded to the PlayStation Portable via its wireless game-sharing functionality. The company has been regularly promoting the terminals with TV advertisements and even a promotional tour, but its actual availability has been limited up until now. PSP owners had to either go to Sony's official showroom located in Tokyo's Ginza district or one of the 12 game retailers that had the machine, almost all of which are also in Tokyo.

Sony will begin the expansion of its PlayStation Spots starting with 150 Internet cafes, which are either members of the Japan Complex Cafe Association (JCCA) or listed in the Gourmet Pia restaurant directory. On March 14, Sony will set up the kiosks at five major train stations: JR Shinjuku station (Tokyo), JR Tokyo station (Tokyo), JR Ikebukuro station (Tokyo), Sapporo Subway Oodori Station (Sapporo), and Nishitetsu Fukuoka Tenjin Station (Fukuoka). Finally, in April, the company will start setting up kiosks at approximately 150 retailers.

Three games will initially be offered by PlayStation Spots at Internet cafes and train stations: Baito Hell 2000, Loco Roco, and the Hudson comedy game Cream Stew mo Minagara Iroiro Gochagocha Ittemasukedomo...Warai no Tamago L size. A different selection will be offered through PlayStation Spots at retailers.

For the list of Internet cafe locations with kiosks, check Sony's official PlayStation Spot Web site.

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