PSP God of War sporting gold Chains

Kratos' first portable adventure sallies forth to the factory, due out in North America March 4.


Kratos returns!
Kratos returns!

Lately, the PlayStation Portable has been getting more attention for its multimedia capabilities such as Skype VoIP functionality than its games. That will soon change, though, as one of the platform's highest-profile games to date has gone gold.

This afternoon on the official PlayStation Blog, Ready at Dawn senior producer Eric Koch announced that development of God of War: Chains of Olympus is complete. With its gold master now en route to the factory, nothing stands in the way of the $39.99, M-for-Mature-rated game arriving in North America on Tuesday, March 4.

Chains of Olympus is the third installment in the critically lionized God of War series, which began on the PlayStation 2 in 2005 and returned to the console in 2007. However, as outlined in GameSpot's previous coverage, it is set prior to its two predecessors, and follows the unstoppable Spartan warrior Kratos' rampage after his family is killed. The series will continue with God of War III, which is currently in development for the PlayStation 3.

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