PSP Ghosts n' Goblins release moved up

Capcom's portable revamp of arcade classic moves up a week, now slated to ship next Tuesday.


The recent trend of retro game compilations and remakes has put many gamers in the awkward position of having to look forward to something they already played to death decades ago. Capcom apparently understands this, as the publisher is moving up the release of its PlayStation Portable action game Ultimate Ghosts n' Goblins.

A revamped take on the company's classic Ghosts n' Goblins arcade game, Ultimate Ghosts n' Goblins is now scheduled to ship next Tuesday, August 29, instead of in the first week of September, as previously expected.

The game updates the infamously challenging adventure with a 3D graphics engine (the gameplay remains a side-scrolling affair), branching storyline, and more detailed characters and environments. The adventure will see franchise hero Arthur traverse five stages (complete with bosses) in his quest to save the princess.

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