PSP Ghosts n' Goblins release moved up

Capcom's portable revamp of arcade classic moves up a week, now slated to ship next Tuesday.


The recent trend of retro game compilations and remakes has put many gamers in the awkward position of having to look forward to something they already played to death decades ago. Capcom apparently understands this, as the publisher is moving up the release of its PlayStation Portable action game Ultimate Ghosts n' Goblins.

A revamped take on the company's classic Ghosts n' Goblins arcade game, Ultimate Ghosts n' Goblins is now scheduled to ship next Tuesday, August 29, instead of in the first week of September, as previously expected.

The game updates the infamously challenging adventure with a 3D graphics engine (the gameplay remains a side-scrolling affair), branching storyline, and more detailed characters and environments. The adventure will see franchise hero Arthur traverse five stages (complete with bosses) in his quest to save the princess.

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Yes, I am happy. I already went to EB games and paid for my copy. Now I can "old school it" sooner. The gameplay is the same classic format that is still fun, even in this advanced age of modern videogames.

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You know you gotta' be buying this one. Highly rated and apparently quite awesome and replayable. And it's another one of these games (like Tekken) that makes you gawk at the power of the device.

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When this hits the new systems I will be happy. I want to play it for xbox and PS2 or xbox 360 or PS3 or gamecube or N-Wii. The PSP should not be the only system which gets this title.

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this rarely happens

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Man, this is the first game for the psp that is making me want to pick up the system. NEED THIS GAME!

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wow...A release date pushed up ?? Good job Capcom

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i wnat to get this game

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AWESOME ! I am so excited about this ! I was kind of torn on Sept 5th's releases. There are tons of cool games coming out on PSP that day Didn't know which to pick up first ! Now I get the chance to play one a week sooner ! One System to rule them all !!! PSP FOREVER !

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I have original games so i don't know if i should get this yet

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yea this game is going to be fun, i have always loved playing the original ghost and goblins on my nes.... Could never get out of that grave yard when I was a kid, dam that game was hard. Also loved super ghouls and ghost and actually beat that one..... might have use a gamegenie for unlimited lifes though, but still counts!!

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One the the classics returns even eariler than expected. I can't wait!

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These games there releasing from the retro era are making me want to buy a PSP now. So far the only games I'm intrested in or have nearly completed are: The Sega Mega Collection (Can't wait for jungle strike) Capcon's Collection (Looking forward to the blast from the past) Key Of Heaven/Paradise - nearly finished it last section to do get all the swords back. Combo system rocks!! Worms - Great game excellent cutscenes taken from past games but seriously updated. Only 30 challenges and your done nothing else most of the weapons aint there too. No Holy Hand Grenade Hallllauuuuya or Concrete Donkey. Need For Speed Rivals - About 8?% complete but the game' AI is just too dam hard but I'm gonna finish it if it's the last thing I do.

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This game is gonna rock!! Arthur LIVES!!!

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Sooner the better for me

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wow... a game that is actually going to be released earlier than stated. Don't see too many of those.

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I'd like to see a revamped Knights of the Round. ...That would own my heart.

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i agree with mnmnanu. the psp is getting some love this fall. looking forward to this game to hold me over until then.

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Go Capcom...psp is looking good this fall

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[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

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The sooner the better! Woohoo!

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Alright!!! Getting UGnG a week early = Fantastic!

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I need a new PSP game, i think this might be it

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Funny thing is I was never planing on getting this looked old but after seeing the trailer I plan on picking this up. To think people ( DS Fan boys) still say the PSP has not a single good game if funny.

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I look forward to this game and hope to god those anger managment classes will pay off >_>

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GrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrREAT! go Capcom Go!

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Capcom has been doing a MUCH BETTER job then most of those lousy lazy PSP developers (looking at you EA). Thank you Capcom, now bring us Power Stone!!

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I've been looking forward to this game for a while, and have already got the game preordered. Now I'll be able to get my eager hands on it a week earlier than I originally expected!

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Freaking awesome ,this is sweet. PSP rules

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PSP get the most support from the Publisher and DS don't.

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I wish Capcom would remake classic arcade games for the Nintendo DS.

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This game looks really good

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This game looks great. Wish i had played the original, but this should do just fine and probably not as frustrating as the original as well.

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I wish I could play this on PS2. I bet it's as brutal as the previous console versions.

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Great news! :)

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NOOOOOOO!!! That's the day that Saints Row comes out. I can barley afford one let alone 2.

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thats a first.... i wish theyd do that for TP or SSBB

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A release moved up? That's pretty unheard of! :D

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Now kids that never enjoyed old-school G'n'G will be able to enjoy it in fabulous new 2.5D, the way graphics-loving kids would want it.

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Cool, better go reserve one now