PSP gets Madden 12 bundle

$160 hardware package including football sim, Need for Speed: Shift, 2GB memory stick arrives alongside EA Sports' latest gridiron game.


EA Sports' Madden franchise is sitting this season out on Nintendo's handheld platforms, with only the PSP and iOS editions of Madden NFL 12 scheduled for on-the-go enjoyment. Sony is underscoring that snub today with the unveiling of a Madden NFL 12 PSP hardware bundle set to arrive alongside the football sim on August 30.

Will the PSP fall prey to the Madden cover curse?
Will the PSP fall prey to the Madden cover curse?

The $160 package will include a black PSP-3000, UMD copies of Madden NFL 12 and Need for Speed: Shift, and a 2GB memory stick. The stand-alone PSP-3000 system has been selling for $130 with no games or memory card since a price drop in February.

The PSP version of Madden 12 emphasized the game's Superstar and Franchise modes, along with the expected comprehensive assortment of teams, players, and stadiums. Originally released in 2009, Need for Speed: Shift attempted to take more of a simulation approach to the arcade racer with an emphasis on re-creating the feel of being behind the wheel of high-end performance cars.

EA Sports' long-running gridiron sim series has also been featured in a pair of previous PSP hardware packs. Madden NFL 11 was also bundled in with the hardware, while Madden NFL 09's package featured a limited-edition blue PSP and an NFL Films video on UMD in addition to the game.

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The PSP just isn't as cool as it used to be, imo. I barely play mine anymore. Besides, that's $160 towards something new, like the Vita...

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@baguvixoradea Actually man if you've been reading about the PS Vita you'll see its got some pretty significant upgrades from the previous platform: touch screen, touch pad, 3G capability, two joysticks, and a much more powerful system in general. We'll absolutely have to wait until the system's launch to criticize it justly. Until then, its hard to regard what has been announced about the PS Vita to be anything but improvements.

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PSVita should have been a new version of PSP like PSP Go... All it has new is the second controller and some updates. Sony wants to make some money with a so called new PS but it's not a new it's something like an update to PSP...

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There should be download vouchers instead since these games won't work on Vita.

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well anyone late to pick up a PSP. This is a good bundle with a memory stick 2GB and 2 pack in games. For $9.00 less then I paid for just the PSP without anything. So the PSvita is delayed until 2012. So if you want to catch up on PSP games this is the time.

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I never thought I'd see another PSP bundle... and that wouldn't have been a bad thing. Just let it die Sony.

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Why not just wait for PS Vita?

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@ SSJ4CHRIS There's already a Madden game on 3DS and it sucks and the same will apply for this one too.

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@huerito323 Madden Always Sucks. Fixed.

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When even Madden won't get ported over, then you know something sucks with the system. Madden gets put on everything. The DS should be getting it at least, so what is EA saying to Nintendo?

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@dre256x I'm afraid to ask, what does that have to do with this?

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They are gonna run into the same problem Nintendo currently have... When the PS Vita launches, whats the sense of buying PsP, except maybe price point.. They are taking long to get the Memo, "Handhelds aren't the movers (in the long-term) they use to be".

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Madden on psp always sucks.