PSP game to offer custom soundtrack feature

Codemasters' portable TOCA Race Driver 2 lets players rip their own road tunes.


Custom soundtracks are old hat on the Xbox, but when the PSP launches in Europe next Thursday, one game will let portable gamers race to their own beats. Codemasters announced today that its TOCA Race Driver 2 game will feature a custom soundtrack option that lets gamers listen to music stored on a Memory Stick as they race.

To use the feature, gamers will have to download the free Exact Audio Copy utility from Codemasters' official UK Web site. Then they'll have to use it to rip music to their PCs before transferring it to their PSPs through USB cable.

A North American release for TOCA Race Driver 2 has not yet been announced, but Codemasters has a good track record of bringing other installments of the series across the pond.

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