PSP facing more Connect-ion woes?

Sony's answer to iTunes is facing more trouble, casting further doubt on PSP video-download service's future.


In January, Sony announced that its long-suffering Connect digital music service would be completely revamped with new functionality, including the ability to download movies, video, and games to the PlayStation Portable. March was pegged as the date of the relaunch, but the month came and went without word of any new functionality.

Eventually that plan was scrapped, as a Sony representative told GameSpot sister site that no major relaunch was planned, with the company instead opting to make incremental improvements.

Now more questions about the Connect service have arisen. According to a report on GameSpot sister site, Sony Corporation of America chief technology officer and Connect advocate Phil Wiser is on his way out of the company, effective Friday. Wiser will reportedly be replaced by Sony senior vice president Steve Bernstein. The article also details a frequently contentious relationship between Sony and Kinoma, an external media company whose chief executive had been put in charge of the Connect project.

It's unclear what impact this will have on the system's planned addition of support for the PSP. A Sony representative declined to speak with for that story, while GameSpot's own attempt to get clarification on the status of Connect's planned PSP support has not yet been answered.

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