PSP $130 as of Feb. 27

With the NGP on the horizon, Sony drops the price of its current-generation portable by $40; worldwide sales nearly 68 million.


Last month, Sony showed off its Next Generation Portable, the dual-thumbstick, touchscreen-enabled device intended to take on the 3DS and iOS devices. Set for release later this year in as-yet unidentified territories, the device will succeed the PSP, first released in the Western market in 2005.

The PSP will be just $130 starting next week.
The PSP will be just $130 starting next week.

To further entice gamers to pick up the PSP, Sony today announced it will slash $40 off the price of the current-generation portable starting February 27. Originally, the system had been offered for $250 at its North American launch, before having its price cut to $200 in 2006. A discount to $170 followed in April 2007. The PSP Go was introduced in October 2009 with a price point of $250, which was slashed to $200 one year later.

As part of its announcement, Sony also revealed the latest sales figures for the PSP. As of the end of December 2010, the handheld had sold 23 million units in North America and 67.8 million units worldwide. By comparison, Nintendo's DS family of handheld systems has sold nearly 144 million units as of the end of last year.

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